Pan Shopping – 10 TOP Picks By The Fresh Design Idea Editorial Staff

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What material would you buy a pan

In our previous article on the same topic, we have formulated some key criteria for the purchase of a pan. We have finally also pointed out, that for the price, especially two factors play a role: first, it is important, how hard is a pan, and secondly, it depends on the material.

This second aspect requires a more detailed explanation of our opinion.

It affects the quality of the preparation, the security, the taste of the food. That’s why he plays just such a large role for the purchase price of the pan.

Pan made of stainless steel – a healthy choice

If you want to buy a pan made of stainless steel, you make a healthy choice. This material interacts with other substances. That will not change even at high temperature. For this reason, the preparation of food in a pan made of stainless steel is very healthy.

Pan buy made easy

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Non-stick coating – ideal for multitasking

The busy housewives decide like for frying pans with non-stick coating. It prevents the adhesion of different products. When cooking, you need not constantly observe the cooking process and stir consistently. You need some oil and the surface is easy to clean.Unfortunately, many such pans have a Teflon coating. In contrast to the stainless steel particles from it at a high temperature cut off. This process starts with 200 degrees and he is particularly intense at 250. In the form of toxic gases, the surface mixed with our food.

The frying pan with a Teflon anti adhesive coating is therefore above all for cooking at low temperature.

Prefer the ceramic tiles

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The non-stick coating may be also ceramic. At this, the application of a special technique is possible, which makes impossible the heating up over 240 degrees. This works well regardless of the cooking plate on which you prepare the food.

No matter what kind of non-stick coating you choose, however, you should apart let stirring with cooking bar made of metal.

Cast iron

Many people prefer to buy cast iron pans. The main advantage of this is that in it the food is delicious. Well, what is it? The secret is in the large thermal conductivity of the pan. Cast iron heats up very quickly. The heat is distributed evenly. You can Saute vegetables on low heat is wonderful. Also on a very weak flame, you can cook with as a frying pan.

You must transfer the food into a receptacle directly after cooking. Otherwise, the dish Gets an unpleasant taste. Also rinsing the Pan requires slightly more effort. Unfortunately, the surface tends to corrosion. This is very unhealthy. The salts of the metal, which separated it, destroy the vitamins in the food.

The right Pan ensures a gentle frying and a healthy food for the whole family

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All this will serve you just as a note. Under no circumstances you should avoid only on the cast iron pans. There are also some models of cast iron with a Teflon or other protective coating on the market. Or buy a simple cast iron pan and make sure to quit their use of time, so that you will not endanger your health.

The market offers other types of pans. Buy this, which best suits your individual needs.

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