Pan Shopping – Top 20 Models According To Specialists

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What criteria should bear in mind, when you buy a pan

Take a look in a shop for kitchen appliances and accessories! A plethora of different models can be found in the Department of pans. They are small and large, high or flat, round or square, iron or stainless steel, with or without Teflon surface. How can I choose for the best version?

In addition, we list and discuss some criteria that you should consider when buying a pan in our opinion.

The size

The size of the Pan should match the diameter of the plates, which you use. If your pan is wider, everything in the middle is burn and not stay on the edge. If the Pan is too small, it’s also not good. The handle is fueling itself and that could in turn lead to accidents.

Buy the right Pan – not such a simple matter

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How hard must be a pan?

According to professional cooks, a pan should be quite heavy. This ensures the even distribution of heat. Usually, the price is exactly according to this criterion. The heavier pans are also more expensive.

The light pans have a further disadvantage. The material bends too quickly. They invest little money at the time of purchase, but relatively quickly then need a new pan.

Different pans in the kitchen, according to the used products

You need different types of pans, depending on what you want to prepare. For example, there are special models for pancakes. You are very flat. Many people use the wok pan on the loved one. She is quite high and he would fix quickly and healthy products with relatively little fat in it.

How about a style pan made of stainless steel, for example, by WMF?

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Materials and surface

The pans are made from different materials. This is of great importance for its quality and also for the taste of the dishes, which are prepared in it. In addition to the weight of the Pan, this is the second main criterion according to which the price of a pan is formed.

Learn more about this topic in our second article!

The top 20 pans according to

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Ballarini 3H0L-0.28 Rivarolo new pan, 28 cm

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WMF 0744286021 Pan Ø 28 cm CeraDur professional

Pan buy WMF Ceradur professional

Tefal E44019 talent wok Pan without lid, 28 cm

Pan buy Tefal talent

Ballarini 930L-0.24 new Positano Pan 24 cm

Pan buy Ballarini new Positano

Tefal E45106 home chef Pan without lid 28 cm

Pan buy Tefal home chef without lid

Tefal C93306 ceramic control induction pans, 28 cm

Pan buy Tefal ceramic control induction

Twin 40992-332-0 plus 3-layer material wok, 32 cm

Pan buy wok twin

Ballarini 9Q06-0.28 Portofino wok 28 cm

Pan buy Ballarini Portofino wok

WMF 1756526411 wok Pan diameter 28 cm professional resist

Pan buy WMF wok

Fissler 159-304-28-100/0 protect Alux classic 28 cm

Pan buy Fissler protect Alux

Tefal E94106 gourmet series Pan 28 cm

Pan buy Tefal Cour metal series stainless steel induction

Office of Gastroguss 520 frying pan 20 cm

pan buy Office of Gastroguss frying pan

Tefal E44006 talent Pan 28cm

Pan buy Tefal 28 talent

GASTROLUX Biotan plus cast iron frying pan 28 cm height 4 cm induction

pan buy Gastrolux cast pan

Silit 0081.6033.01 Pan 28 cm Wuhan

Pan buy Silit wok Wuhan

Tefal E85606 Jamie Oliver stainless steel frying pan 28 cm

Pan buy Tefal Jamie Oliver stainless steel

WMF 0761406380 SERVIER frying pan with glass lid Ø 28 cm

pan buy WMF SERVIER frying pan

Tefal E43506 Jamie Oliver frying pan 28 cm, stainless steel

Pan buy Tefal Jamie Oliver multi layer stainless steel

Rosle 13070 frying pan with ceramic seal, 24 cm

Pan buy Rosle frying pan ceramic seal

Tefal E87332 JAMIE OLIVER stainless steel Saute Pan 25 cm with lid

Pan buy Tefal Jamie Oliver stainless steel Schmorpfane cover