Plans For Open Kitchen – Renovation And Redesign

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open kitchens leather chair kitchen worktop wall carpet pastel

Open kitchen – with a wall – building plans for open kitchens

Discover the benefits of an open kitchen to the other rooms of your home or your home! Check our picture gallery, here will find certainly interesting tips that can help you rebuild or redesign your kitchen!

A single wall full of kitchen appliances and cabinets from the floor-to-ceiling – it’s perfect for an open floor plan. A long island in the middle of the kitchen is home to the sink and provides additional storage space. You makes it possible that your friends and family remain very close, while you are still working in the kitchen. A large arch connects the open kitchen with the dining area. There are even no walls separating two spaces. Natural light from the dining room free penetrates in the kitchen and makes them appear even more open and bright.

2-Island – kitchen – floor plans for open kitchens

open kitchens two kitchen island white Stehstüle pendant wood flooring

This kitchen has it all – two refrigerators, two sinks and two islands. All these features could cramp with each other, so that we could get a badly designed space. But that is not the case here. This kitchen has a friendly, open atmosphere. White cabinets and cheerful colours on the walls agree also cheerfully! The vaulted ceiling adds volume and the natural light contribute even more to your good mood!

Kitchen woodwork

open kitchens wood Hell Arbeitsplatet kitchen block

Does not necessarily mean an open design of the kitchen, the room must be not separate. Here beams discreetly separate the dining / living room from the kitchen in this open floor plan. The same wood decor ties together the rooms.

Additional dining rooms in classic style

open kitchens white dining room classic design flowers yellow

If the kitchen and the dining rooms are connected, the serving of food and beverages is easy, regardless of the number of guests. At major events you can move tables that you have more room for entertainment and discussions of your guests and the kitchen island is then used as a buffet for your appetizers.

Modern style of kitchen

open kitchens modern style dining area

The kitchen cabinets extend to the ceiling in this elegant, modern kitchen. The open scheme is here guaranteed by the additional storage space in the high cabinets and the centrally located kitchen island. In the dining area, this floor plan flows naturally and gradually. This is a great building scheme, because guests can accumulate easily around the island or around the table without leaving the kitchen.

Open kitchen with ornate elements

open kitchens ornaments details white classic recessed fireplace

If the kitchen is open to other areas of the House, it is important to integrate the interior design styles. The rich decorations in the French style is typical of this House – starting from the kitchen island with the fireplace up to the Banquet Hall.

Kitchen in the corner

open kitchens round dining table furniture dining room idea white

You need to have a long space for an open design. This kitchen combined with a dining area, which is further surrounded by a family room. The carpets here put the main accent in the interior design of the rooms.

Heavily frequented areas

open kitchens high frequented area wood columns

This kitchen is located directly right of the main traffic flow of the House. To keep passers-by out of the way, the owners shared the kitchen by two kitchen islands. As a result, work zones on each side of the kitchen were created. The kitchen islands are colonial style and offer plenty of space where friends and family sit together outside of the kitchen, but have still with the chef.

Small kitchen

open kitchens kitchen mirror blue compact standing Chair wood

This small kitchen is located in an old House. To open it to the adjacent room, the owners created a pass-through-in instead of a wall. The kitchen island as a place for cozy seating areas – a great alternative to the island to sit if there is limited space.

Open kitchen in the country house style

open kitchens country-style white chandelier cozily handy

This small place at fulfils three functions serves as a kitchen, dining and living room at the same time. The white cabinets do much with that one how feels here dear in a living room as a workspace. Is a wall of Windows and a door, and thus pushes plenty of natural light in the room in which creates a pleasant feeling in there.

dining area kitchen combines open white round table dark wood kitchen worktop and snow-white, round dining table in addition

Bright and cozy kitchens design

extravagant kitchen countertop gleaming wood flooring

Casual kitchen Interior – yellow, wooden kitchen furniture

yellow kitchen furniture Cabinets shelves-dark surface old-fashioned

White kitchen with pale blue walls

all look white pastel blue wall kitchen open kitchen shelves, standing chairs in leather and glittering, wood textures

open space kitchen idea standing Chair hanging lamp

Small, compact white kitchen with dining area

Renoveierung kitchen design open idea window table wood

Black kitchen island – modern facilities

black kitchen countertop standing chairs modern dark Braun Boden

Modern design in combination with bright red elements

sunlight naturally bright red elements dark table floor

Kitchen interior design in a country house style

increasingly area open simply elegant kitchen table lamp

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