Practical And Narrow Kitchen Interiors

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narrow kitchens Interior sunny idea

Sunny compact kitchen – small kitchen interiors

Close pantry-kitchens often have a simple 2 wall decoration and secure their users a few metres between them. This full kitchens are very rationell-it can be used both comfortably, as well as larger rooms.

This narrow kitchen offers enough room and enough space for cabinets and kitchen to prepare meals on the left side, next to the sink. The simple lines in this kitchen can look the room always neat. A luxurious look give the whole atmosphere the kitchen utensils made of stainless steel, while the yellow-white color scheme the space look bigger.

narrow kitchen interiors – planning your dream kitchen with our remodeling ideas dining area in the narrow kitchen

narrow kitchens Interior dining area Eng

Many such narrow kitchens offer ample storage and have enough space for a row of Windows at the same time. The only upper kitchen cabinet here characterized the décor, which is imitated in the window design; a stylish look with repeating elements that gives the small room.

At the end of the kitchen is a narrow tabletop built into the base wall, which welcomes all to informal meals or invites you to a degenerate over the latest news over a cup of coffee in the morning.

Red galley kitchens

red pantry narrow kitchens Interior

This colourful narrow kitchen is divided into two areas – one for cooking and another to clean up. Front and a dishwasher are on the left side of the sink with apron. Storage space for dishes is strategically on this wall, so that you can store it at lightning speed. The other side houses the kitchen cabinets, the microwave and is open to the row of Windows, through which the whole kitchen will be flooded with natural light.

Vibrant red is the dominant color here, it is balanced by the white upper kitchen cupboards and the marble slabs on the walls. By one higher placed brighter colors, cabinets or walls, it makes much more spacious look the narrow space.

Rustic narrow kitchen

rustic narrow narrow kitchens Interior idea black

A perfect rustic look has this white tight kitchen. Classic white cabinets here reflect the light from Windows and make the room look bigger. An arch helps visually too much and stopping, that one feels constrained on the square. A Dinnerware set adds the casual rustic ambience with a small willow pattern.

Compact for craftsman

narrow kitchens Interior craftsman kitchen chairs kitchen island cabinets

This compact corridor kitchen with a kitchen island promotes the work performance and opens up the space for nice coming together. The different cabinets, counters and tiles bridged the style gap between the craftsman bungalow by 1920, and the modern family room.

Colorful kitchen blue glass kitchen cabinet doors

colorful colourful narrow kitchens Interior compact galley

Ove bring a little energy in the schamale kitchen with color! Paint the Interior of this white, front glazed kitchen cabinets and they will look like blank new! The old fashioned glass seems to be in the same turquoise and emits the color through the entire interior of your kitchen! A cheap laminate countertop stops the colourful renovation in this simple narrow kitchen.

Fine perfect cuisine

fine fine narrow kitchens Interior wood light

The work centre of this narrow kitchen is compact and well functioning, there are only a few steps between the sink and the other kitchen equipment. The kitchen is open to the dining room/entertainment room, in between is a curvy crafted kitchen island or a table linking the two areas. Simple lines complement the profile of this kitchen with flat panels in the room, at the gleaming granite countertops and intentionally lacks rigid lines.

Close kitchen with sliding doors (1)

Eng sliding narrow kitchens Interior

Galley kitchens are common in older homes, where the kitchen was a separate narrow space. Today, we see an advantage if the kitchen can be separated from the other rooms of the House. This stylish designed sliding door reminiscent of old barn doors, concealed the noises and covers the mess, when it is closed. But the glass on the door let the light penetrate into the narrow space.

Close kitchen with doors (2)

narrow kitchens interior doors idea tight room

Light wood tones and natural shades on the walls contrast a warm, contemporary look to the narrow kitchen space here with cliffscape floor and the dark colored countertops, actually aiming. The open shelves over the sink avoid that one feels here packed or depressed. Kitchen appliances complement the luxurious look of stainless – steel.

Close kitchen with doors (3)

narrow compact kitchen doors wood light kitchen equipment

Narrow kitchens require often innovative solutions in accordance with the space challenges. To save space, these homeowners have opted for a tap, right on the wall above the built-in sink is attached and can turn. A smaller faucet filters water stands on the edge of the sink. Above there are open shelves, actually not far from the dishwasher, so that it is easily the housewife, to unload the unit.

Etat-wise renovation of the kitchen (view 1)

budget wise renewal narrow kitchens Interior compact design

This budget-friendly kitchens modernization has been the hot plate in the same place, but the homeowners have added above, long an open shelf wall, to display their collectibles. You used to cover both the vent and the countertop, floor tiles which is a durable, long-lasting solution. They have opted for the lower cabinets for washable linen curtains — is also an inexpensive alternative to the cabinet doors.

Budget smart renovation of the kitchen (view 2)

budget wise renewal narrow kitchens Interior practically dark

With a new coat of paint, chrome handles and decorative elements made of maple wood, a modern look get the ever white cabinets and they are actually for less than $500 been renewed. The new window display cases go to the wooded courtyard. They are also cheaper than buying a series of new kitchen cabinets. Simple pine shelves in dark hues provide the necessary storage space here.

Do it yourself renovation of the kitchen

do self renovation narrow kitchens Interior pale green colors

Revised cabinets and a cozy blend of materials enliven this galley kitchen, which was almost completely rebuilt by its owners. To update the cabinets with a fresh country look, the doors, they have added popular bars. Wall cabinets were stained to match the exposed beams in the ceiling. The cabinets have a muted color. New devices in weathered bronze complement the nostalgic sight.

Kitchen for a cookingkitchen cooking compact shelves dish narrow

Small kitchens, such as for example 2.40 X 3 metres, were only intended to be a chef and so developed. You can be but still very functional. This room has an open ending, and the space between the dining room and the porch is very suitable for meetings with friends. The hardwood floors help much to connect the small kitchen with a large dining room and make the atmosphere cozy and friendly look. The black polished granite countertops have elastic surface and are perfect for the preparation of meals in the narrow kitchen.

Checkerboard pattern on the floorcheckerboard floor narrow kitchens interior design Eng

A classic checkerboard tile design – updated with a green-and white color scheme – adds dimension to the floor and makes appear larger and more spacious small kitchen. Galley kitchens can be renovated great by one pays great attention to each detail. Here, glass front doors and glass buttons are combined with white cabinets for a vintage look. Look how the countertop over the sink is left open, intentionally, to maximum use.

Dark elegant kitchen cabinetsdark elegant kitchen cabinets idea compact dining area carpet floral pattern

This tiny kitchen was redesigned by a single large room in a umgebauteten Wagenhaus. The careful arrangement of the kitchen appliances here makes it easy to work in this small kitchen. In this room you feel not depressed because everything within easy reach – one or two steps away from the sink. To add a little class to the narrow kitchen, use beautiful dark surfaces and kitchen appliances, so how did this because homeowners.

White narrow kitchen – practical kitchen shelves and dishes in blue and yellowcompact narrow kitchens design white shelves dish colorful

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