Renovation Of The Kitchen With Colorful Fabrics

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renovation of the kitchen curtain window white sunlight

A more interesting curtains for your Windows – renovation of the kitchen

Update your kitchen with new fabrics! Made or bought curtains to new shades or seat covers – here you will find that and much more you interested in! We have also more attractive and cost effective ideas that you can use in your kitchen!

Take a seat, please!

renewal the kitchen take you place

You can turn your dining room into a cozy and relaxing place at any time of the day with a matching kitchen table and chairs to.

Colorful Stripes and colorful accents

renewal of colorful stripes white kitchen worktop kitchen sink

A vertical striped skirt can hide the hydraulic tube in the kitchen and bring a little color and mood is like here in the photo.

Optimize the tradition

renovation of the kitchen tweaking tradition classic stool wood

Classic granite and richly stained wood can you easily optimize: not directly them, but what’s around them. Change the upholstery of the chairs and bar stools, only a few meters of fabric are enough and you will notice the difference immediately!

A seat in the summer

renovation of kitchen Grün Blau Sommer room

Take a break from your work in the kitchen and relax in this comfortable floral seating area with pillows!

Breakfast is served

renovation of the kitchen breakfast

Sunny and cozy the dining area looks, she has become more comfortable through the table runners and the comfortable pillows on the sofa.

The meeting place at home

increasing renewal of the kitchen space

This vintage Apartament is characterized by charm. Open shelves, neutral coloured of fabrics reinforce its original look.

Enjoy the freshness of the garden and bring it in the House

renovation of the kitchen garden fresh

Against the classic white color scheme in a kitchen, one appears red tomatoes and a green pepper – pressure here. It looks like in a novel.

A little bit country house style

renewal the rustic cottage-style kitchen

This interesting project combines many things in one: crown molding, Rococo curves, glass, professional boards and fabric behind wire mesh panels gathered.

Relax after school

renovation of kitchen Nachschulisch meeting place

What was once a forgotten place between the ovens, has now been transformed into a comfortable seating area. Printed fabrics make pastel for the good vibes there and lots of sunshine, of course!

Beautiful patch work

renovation of the kitchen Schön Patch work

Their kitchen is decorated in rustic style, you can decorate perfectly with patch-works, something that you yourself have made.

Chair covers – red walls and kitchen island

renovation of the kitchen bright red wall white kitchen furniture

All wrapped and bound – charm and romance at the simple wooden bar stools. If you spill something on it, the chair – stool covers are easy to remove and get immediately in the washing machine. So you can forget the problem quickly!

Dress and panel – open shelves

renovation of the kitchen white beige tropical garden

Cover open shelves, equipment or the mess under the sink with pleated curtains.

Private room, please!

renovation of the kitchen privacy white storage pantry

French doors can be too permissive before the overloaded pantry. Use a sheet to hide that look.

Comfortable seat in the dining area

renovation of the kitchen driver seat Hell Holz furniture

A clear and well structured approach creates this white tailored seat cushions.

Warm white and red accents

renovation kitchen White Classic Compact detail

Red – this is the favorite color of the homeowners – and the perfect hue for a kitchen decor. This color stimulates the Cabinet Interior, the dishes, the chairs of and curtains.

Small, round table for three

renovation kitchen white table three persons

This Dinette is constructed of cabinets and offers comfortable seating, but also enough storage space as a bench seat for little-used items. The floral pillows are decorated in warm shades of Brown.

The same, but different – the red color unites two very different substances used in this dining area.

renovation kitchen white same but different

Innovative inserts

renovation kitchen innovative inserts

Salvaged cabinets find new life in this colorful kitchen. Professional boards cover the imperfections of wood and crisp fabric replaced missing glass doors.

It’s nice in Tartan

renovation kitchen tartan plaid rustic design

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