Set Up The Small Corner Kitchen: 7 Great Tips For More Storage Space And Optical Width

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Everyone knows that small rooms are much harder to set up. But if you are faced with the challenge of setting up your small corner kitchen practically and cleverly, you should already know how to extra storage space creates and makes the limited space appear larger at the same time. We have 7 clever tips ready for you today, which expert kitchen experts always recommend. Stay with us and think about which of these ideas are suitable for you.

Setting up a small corner kitchen is almost an art

corner cupboards small kitchen white

# 1 Tip: Order is half the life

And that not only affects your kitchen, but also all other spaces and areas of life at all. Because only when everything has its own specific place, you can always keep track and waste no time in searching or cleaning up. So, when planning your kitchen, consider how the furniture and appliances should be designed to best suit your cooking and eating habits.

If you really have a small corner kitchen, it would be best if you adjust to more order. That will surely pay off later. A well-ordered kitchen looks in the end more spacious.

Always keep the best overview by good order in the kitchen

set up a small corner kitchen modern

# 2 Tip: Bright colors visually enlarge the room

White as well as cream and pastel colors are just perfect for small spaces, because they provide more optical space and look generous and cheerful at once. So opt for brighter kitchenettes, cabinets, kitchen back wall and work surface. The walls should be painted rather bright.

Extra tip: The base cabinets, however, may also be darker. It is important that the work surface and the upper kitchen cabinets are brighter.

Play with light and shine surfaces

set up a small corner kitchen

# 3 Tip: gloss can be quiet

Gloss gives width and looks very chic. This is especially true of the upper kitchen cabinets, kitchen appliances and the large Hanging lamp , The fridge and oven can also have an elegant metallic gloss to harmonize with the other elements. In addition, high gloss polished surfaces are much easier to clean than those that are matted.

Extra tip: Cabinets without handles make everything appear much neater and thus visually expand the small corner kitchen.

High gloss makes small rooms look more spacious

small corner kitchen furnishing ideas

# 4 Tip: Think vertically!

Here, vertical thinking is required, in the literal sense. And that is true not only in the arrangement of the cabinets, but also the kitchen appliances and the suspension of objects in general. Because a smaller area does not necessarily mean little storage space. Make the most of the vertical potential of your kitchen!

Speaking of suspension: Hang as far as possible cooking utensils, dishwashing accessories, kitchen paper and other kitchen accessories at the Kitchen back wall on, for example, by a special module bar.

Clever utensil storage always pays off

vertical frame small corner kitchen

# 5 Tip: wall cabinets or shelves?

The solution here is more of a matter of taste. Some prefer open shelves, others prefer closed cupboards with beautiful fronts, and others still prefer a mix of the two. Closed cupboards in the kitchen have the advantage that they hide everything nicely and also protect their contents from dirt and dust, on the contrary of open shelves. And the open shelves on the other hand offer you the opportunity to stage your most beautiful tableware and accessories.

Extra tip: Especially for small kitchens, the trick is: Always put quality, not quantity, in the case of crockery, cooking utensils and kitchen accessories!

Listen more to your gut feeling

small corner kitchen white kitchen cabinets

# 6 Tip: Narrow kitchen and built-in appliances

It does not always have to be the conventional, 50 cm wide dishwashers and ovens. For the small corner kitchen, kitchen appliances with a width of about 45-50 cm are simply excellent. In addition, two stoves instead of four are quite sufficient for most households. At the same time, you gain more valuable work space and save energy along the way.

Narrow built-in appliances save a lot of valuable space in the small kitchen

small corner kitchen modern kitchen equipment

# 7 Tip: Make the kitchen sink rational

As the by far most important element in every kitchen, the kitchen sink should be designed very rationally, especially in the small corner kitchen. Thankfully, there are quite a few clever solutions in the retail trade, from the simple kitchen sink make a multi-talent. The perfect kitchen sink for small surfaces should offer extra work surface and have more levels in depth. Ask for the planning of your small corner kitchen specifically and let the experts advise you in detail. In addition, sinks that are placed in the corner, a very clever solution that should be accepted.

The faucet can also be mounted quietly on the side

small corner kitchen kitchen sink vanity units
small corner kitchen in white

High quality stainless steel as a material is one of the best solutions

kitchen sink for small corner kitchen

But stone and many innovative materials are not a wrong decision

kitchen sink with cutting board small corner kitchen

These 7 tips for the perfectly furnished, small corner kitchen are of course not the only ones, but some of the most important. Let yourself be inspired and, if possible, use them at your home.

Have fun setting up and a good luck wishes you the Freshideen editors!

Turn your small corner kitchen into a real oasis of well-being!

small corner kitchen plan
small corner kitchen with sloping roof
small corner kitchen corner sofa

Also think outside the box when setting up!

vertical thinking small corner kitchen

Even more inspiration for the rational storage in the kitchen

lower cabinets arrange small corner kitchen
lower cabinets cleverly design small corner kitchen
cabinet ideas for small corner kitchen
small corner kitchen cabinets white
small kitchen cabinet rational
kitchen sink accessories small corner kitchen

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