Set Up Wooden Kitchen, Because Wood Is A Real Classic…

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Wood is a real all-rounder in the modern interior. Especially in the kitchen it finds a versatile use! For a long time, the wooden kitchen has not been confused with the country kitchen, because today you can use kitchens in all styles and designs. And those who rely on a natural and healthy indoor climate consider real wood. Do you want to enjoy the charm of a beautiful wooden kitchen? Then collect some inspiration below!

Stylish wood kitchen with color contrasts

wooden kitchen beautiful kitchen design fancy floor tiles functional cooking island

Wood gives the kitchen a special look

The wooden kitchen is enjoying great popularity nowadays. Not only does it turn out to be good for you to set up a wood kitchen, it is also very functional! Because wood can be wonderfully combined with stainless steel, glass or lacquered plastic, creating spectacular kitchen designs!

Treated wood is perfect for the kitchen because it is tough and moisture resistant. We think it’s great that kitchens can get different looks, even if they are all designed with wooden furniture. The reason is one thing: natural wood is treated in different ways and so the surfaces also get a different look.

So one can among several kitchen designs choose if you consider a wood kitchen! High gloss kitchen is only the one. The natural wood gets here by painting a beautiful shine. In other cases, the wood is painted over with Colorlack. Wood can also be worked by the technique of pickling, or by brushing to get a characteristic antique look. You could also combine different methods, for example, to get shabby chic look.

Small wood kitchen with bright walls and dark flooring

wood kitchen functional kitchen wood look dark floor tiles

Beautiful kitchen entirely made of wood

wood kitchen modern look cozy

Modern wooden kitchen

Modern kitchen furniture trusts wood in many cases. Among all possible materials, wood proves to be particularly suitable in this room. You can use different types and types of wood in kitchen design. Depending on which the kitchen gets a different charisma. Different types of wood also have different characteristics. So you have a large assortment in the selection of his dream kitchen: maple, birch, oak, beech, spruce, cherry and many others are at your disposal.

Beautiful wood look enhances the kitchen design

wood kitchen light wood kitchen island

Even minimalist kitchens look wonderful in wood!

wooden kitchen beautiful combination of wood and white surfaces

Wooden kitchens with rustic flair

Wood in the kitchen is associated with the country kitchen. It impresses with a noble appearance and a big box of comfort. Here you can combine wooden furniture with work surfaces made of other materials and create beautiful visual effects.

Small kitchens get a wonderful look through wooden furnishings

kitchen cozy small kitchen island bright flooring

The different materials also require different care. The care of the wood kitchen should be regular to give the kitchen a long life. Wood surfaces are usually lightly cleaned, but scouring agents, cloths or sponges should be avoided! Care products based on nitro or synthetic resin also damage the wooden surface! After you have cleaned the wooden surfaces, you should dry them so that you protect the wood from rot or swelling.

It is also important that you wipe in the direction of wood fiber, so that you remove the dirt properly without damaging the wood! Make sure you also have a suitable room temperature and humidity!

So your wooden kitchen enjoys a long life!

Kitchen island in another version provides beautiful effects in the room

wooden kitchen rustic design fancy kitchen island colored carpet runner

Wooden kitchens exude cosiness…

wood kitchen cozy country kitchen kitchen island large work surface

Functional kitchen fascinates with a rustic look

wooden kitchen functional small kitchen kitchen island wooden floor

Colored kitchen cabinets are great!

wooden kitchen gray kitchen island wooden wall paneling
wooden kitchen cozy country kitchen small freestanding cooking island wooden beams
wooden kitchen large kitchen rustic red kitchen island

wooden kitchen bright kitchen cabinets orange wall paint plants
wooden kitchen wooden kitchen cabinets yellow wall paint

Through white surfaces accentuate the wood texture

wooden kitchen wooden kitchen cabinets wall paneling wood
wooden kitchen small cozy kitchen black floor tiles fancy stool
Wooden kitchen combination with other materials plant decoration
kitchen kitchen country kitchen dark kitchen island vintage look
wooden kitchen country style bright walls

A little green refreshes the wood kitchen!

wood kitchen modern wood look fresh table decoration beautiful candlestick
wooden kitchen modern kitchen light wood white work surface storage ideas
wooden kitchen modern design small kitchen bright floor tiles
wooden kitchen modern kitchen design kitchen back wall mosaic
wooden kitchen set up rustic kitchen

Bright, inviting wood kitchen with stone wall

wood kitchen rustic kitchen island light flooring
wooden kitchen beautiful wood look white walls wooden beams
wooden kitchen stylish kitchen cabinets design large floor tiles
wooden kitchen warm colors floor tiles
wooden kitchen elegant kitchen plenty of storage space black kitchen island

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