Small Kitchen Ideas And Solutions For Low Window Sills

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small kitchens ideas low window sills Waschbeken

Great solutions for low window sills

I come from a city where most of the houses are historical heritage treasures. That’s why the exterior design cannot be changed more often. The low window sills are one of the distinctive flags there. Since it has accommodated original free-standing cupboards and stove.

At that time was the super convenient, but today it is a problem. How could you plan for reasonable your kitchen, if the cabinets are higher than the window sills?

The probably cheesiest thing you could do is to position the cabinets over the Windows, so that you have no access at all to the light openings. Thus one creates something like a bottomless pit, so a place where garbage accumulates, you never see. In addition, the task is very complicated if you want to clean the window.

Small kitchen ideas – floating cabinets

small kitchens ideas low window sills kitchen cupboards

You will want to position the sink before the window certainly. If the threshold must be underestimated, a floating Bank can be very useful. This not only looks, but provides access to the window below.

In this contemporary kitchen, it has caused even for a removal of the window. This is a nice and at the same time practical design element.

Bring furniture in use

small kitchens ideas low window sills kitchen island ideas

So this is a more flexible solution, one which fits well in a traditional kitchen. Use a table instead of cabinets. If storage in low areas is important, consider putting up such on role.

This historic Chelsea (Vermont) cuisine shows amount to each other matching boxes in the Windows. You can place them just below the window. Their shape is nice and interesting than the 91 cm high cabinets.

wood kitchen small kitchen ideas low window sills wallpaper pattern

Create additional window seats

small kitchens ideas low window sills seating Gestaltene Bank

Many kitchens, even those from the 60s and later show low window behind the sink, which is suitable for a dining area. During the reconstruction, they tried to gain more seats on an island instead of a table. If you also want this, then you should complement the cabinets with matching window facilities which are attached along the wall. You will also fit under a low window sills and for more storage and warehouse space.

The breakfast bar is another method by which we can embrace a long window. She can also be used as a preparation area.

small kitchens ideas low window sills bar counter bar stool

Modify the typical layout

building housing small kitchens ideas low window sills

In the kitchen, a flat, built-in box ensures a balance between the different Windows. What once was a problem, can be now in other cases a nice solution.

The method shown next found a completely different output from the situation. It has created a peninsula with the sink for the Cabinet and placed it vertically on the wall. You do not push on the problem with the high cabinets and the low sill here. The window seats fit just below the window sill. It is balanced on the left by cabinets with standard height.

small kitchens ideas low window sills seating

We built this new home in a vintage style. That would be another possible solution for historic kitchens. If you place an island away from the wall and use the inner wall as a storage area, the arrangement can occupy a central position between the Windows. Even the window sills are used for the storage of plates.

dining room small kitchen ideas low window sills rustic

Do you have low window sills at home? Is one of these solutions for you in question?

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