Smart Containers For Food In The Modern Kitchen

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container for food send dipped black white wood lid

Smart containers for food in the modern kitchen

Have you recently opened your pantry? If not, may it be probably because that you’re afraid of, what you will find inside with a thorough care? If you need help on your departments for stock storage and organizing, you need nothing more to fear. Stylish storage containers for food can be nowadays more easily get much than you have probably imagined! It may be perhaps connected with the fact that I move in a few weeks, but in the last few days I can think other nothing as to storage options for my new place of residence. Elegant, simple memory with clear lines, which lend a touch of freshness and cleanliness of the room. Finally, there is hardly something that would be more useful than a wohlgeordente countertop or pantry! [Source: crate & barrel]

Today we present a wide range of modern options for food storage

send metal containers for food shelves mobile

The speech is not but floral containers, which refresh the furnishings by unusual elements. No, it’s such proposals that are as practical as striking. And the fact that they jump right in the eye, is due to their simple designs, which are just so memorable. If you have a modern kitchen, so is this post for you! Have fun exploring the ideas that we have listed below…

Clear food container

We start with transparent food containers, which clearly show any content due to their transparency, as this set of 12 storage bowls with transparent lids, offered by crate & barrel. Except every single piece is provided with a BPA-free Cap also stackable and transportable, what occupies the perfect suitability of sets for the storage of food waste and other ingredients.

Glass food containers

send containers for food glass bowls

While the early main material of the container glass is (because of the plastic, chemicals can seep), can vary the materials for the production of the lid. This glass storage jars from West Elm are whitewashed wood lids. Made in Thailand, they are the most for products such as sugar, flour, nuts and sweets. Its high, narrow shape gives them a unique, distinctive shape – both aesthetically pleasing and precious!

Transparent containers are produced in all shapes and sizes and because of their Beschаffenheit, to let the contents visible, valued

chic container for food glass wood

The glass canisters by Williams-Sonoma, made from thick blown glass and stainless steel. Characterized by air impermeability and the contents, which are kept in it, are easy to access thanks to the wide opening. As shown in the next picture, they impress with an unquestionable classic style…

Metal lid can not only modern but also retro look!

send glass metal containers for food

In the uniformity of the materials, and the resulting clean look is a certain power. The Heritage Hill by crate & barrel glass vessels represent a design that made an integral part of the production since the 40’s. These containers can find an excellent application for serving drinks (especially at parties and gatherings) and are available in a variety of sizes, to cover all our needs regarding food storage…

Sometimes a full glass model is exactly what you need

send containers for food full glass model lid

Guess what!  An airtight seal! We love the classic design of this offered by sur la table and “The perfect Terrine” these jars. Due to their fixed cover and secure closure, they are simply unbeatable for the preservation of food, such as the storage of everyday common ingredients. Did we mention that they provide also the ideal containers for fine-tasting gifts?…

What is the combination of an all-glass design and two aid elements – metal lever and rubber ring?

send glass food containers for food

Opaque food containers

We move now to a different type of food containers, to those who keep their content behind slim design hidden and liven up the room with a glow of color. The white enamel canisters from West Elm, which you can see in the next photo, flaunt a retro-modern presentation, which is owed to her construction powder-coated stainless steel. Very easy to clean, they can accommodate various utensils such as cutlery (and other odds and ends from your kitchen)!

White enamel canisters from West Elm

send containers for food metal white strip black

Oh, how great is our admiration for the cherry-red colour and noble design of this enameled stoneware canisters of Williams-Sonoma… Follow the remarkable name of “The Crucible” (“Le Creuset”), who has become a representative for the famous kind of opaque, dirt-repellent and crack-safe email coating! Since they in three sizes: to get small, medium and large are you could use them for storage of dry goods of all kinds. Buy a single piece or a set of three!

Since they in three sizes: small, medium and large

send food container red wooden cutlery

The fire refined canisters, which we present below, stand out with a cocoa design that brings out the bends of each piece! Thanks to the ivory background, a mesmerizing contrast effect is produced on the surface of glazed porcelain stoneware. Add Cork lid and the finished containers for the storage of trochenen products, also contributing a significant to the elegant style of your kitchen, are there! [Source: West Elm]

Add Cork lid to and the finished containers for the storage of trochenen products

container for food send dipped black white wood lid

Why because the organization does not stimulate something and a few labels stir? The result would be a stylish, modern, and even a bit industrial looking presentation! This kitchen container to the Nahrumgsmittellagerung of West Elm, the one characterized by inscriptions, are made of porcelain and with a cream-coloured lacquer glaze. Not dissimilar, they are small, medium and large available several other send vessels from today’s post for your convenience again in three sizes…

Which option has become your favorite tip for food storage? Favor containers, where the look through can be an everyday or rather those that discreetly hide their content behind fine Designgestalten? Share your impressions with us by leaving a comment below…

send ceramic container for food Beschiftet this kitchen container to the Nahrumgsmittellagerung of West Elm are characterized by inscriptions

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