Some Kitchen Design Ideas To Fall In Love

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kitchen design ideas wood furniture small rug

Inspiring kitchen design ideas that you

Colourful design, practical materials and generous surface design are the features which unite our new examples today. Check out these kitchen design ideas on and get inspiration for your own kitchen transformation.

Consuelo Jorge is the designer of our first example and he has put an accent on the beautiful upper classes.

Light design with color accents

kitchen design ideas dining table chairs

Especially the colored tiles are here.

The cupboard was completed with three white-painted glass doors

kitchen design ideas kitchen Eintichtung

The lateral wall is also covered with coloured tiles.

Geometric shapes define character as

kitchen design ideas pleasant color combination

Here one has a work surface in L – shape.

Within this one stored useful objects, which can well be used in the kitchen

kitchen design ideas beautiful wall decoration

The Cabinet with this automatic closure is the only one of its kind in the kitchen shown here.

The opening is activated only by a slight pressure

kitchen design ideas cabinet with sliding system

The chic tableware and decoration with fruits also play a very decisive role for the character of this kitchen. Before you transformed this room into a kitchen, the room with its floor plan was very communicative and open. It has striven always the modernisation and integration.

An architect and a designer have worked together on the next project. That has guaranteed the success of the project.

Particularly striking, we will find the selection of rural materials

kitchen design ideas yellow chairs

These two cabinets, it has combined two different materials.

A great solution, or?

kitchen design ideas blue doors

Then we have a more comprehensive perspective!  Here we see the same thing, but from a longer perspective.

Just look how great all the colors work together

kitchen design ideas wood furniture small rug

On the floor plan, you can see rewrite the kitchen room as the door and the window.

A play of colors

kitchen design ideas table design

In the next example, you can see that the creative placement of glasses definitely was worth. You make a great display area.

So great it writes itself in the other environment, which character through glass, white and metallic surface is determined

small kitchen with mirror surfaces

A nice shelf wall

kitchen design ideas open shelf units

The interfaces in this case are hardly noticing.

MDF cabinets with white and yellow laminate also play a very important role

kitchen design ideas white yellow

There must be fruit in any kitchen!

Küchengetaltung ideas fruits and vegetables

This is followed by the next kitchen design.

Colourful and fun

fresh kitchen design ideas wallpaper red elements

A nice accent wall in the kitchen

great wall decoration wood furniture kitchen

Here you can consider closer the wall design

interior design ideas kitchen set up devices

The following images relate to a different design, which is characterised by a special elegance.

Comfortable chairs with red Polterung

tasteful kitchen red upholstery

Beautiful plants are always welcome!

kitchen design ideas plants as decoration

You like don’t eat a cake in a pleasantly furnished kitchen?

beautiful kitchen design dessert cake

Kitchen in mild pastel nuances.

Simple, but modern

kitchen design grey wall decoration

Sufficient free space

kitchen design ideas two sinks

The lovely table decoration is also important

kitchen design the dining table decorating

Functional kitchen

kitchenette Compact Setup

Kitchen in Orange and white.

Modernity and functionality

kitchen set up white Orange

Compact and beautiful

Elgante kitchen in white wood

The hotplates

kitchens BSC furniture hot plates

A nice atmosphere in fresh colours

kitchen large work surface wood elements

Kitchen design in shades of purple.

See these chairs! You are as a phenomenon

kitchen furniture set purple items

Open shelf units are modern

open shelving in the kitchen

The next two pictures present a modern and stylish orderly kitchen.

Simple design

large kitchen of separate dining room

Beauty meets modernity

kitchen luxury furnishings in white

At the end follows a small kitchen.

Small, but well organized

small kitchen design

Don’t you think interesting decoration?

small kitchen set up ideas

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