Spice Storage With Style – 20 Tasty Ideas

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spice storage round out of metal with glass lid

Spice storage with style – 20 tasty ideas, as you bring your spices in order

Tastefully and practically organised spice storage plays an important role in the processes in your kitchen. If you perfectly match the spices in the grip, the cooking will make you even more fun. Also, the whole family will get a better overview, where what is. Here we have some design ideas for you. You can use different containers and place them in cabinets, shelves, drawers, or just so open. A magnetic surface on the wall or the fridge is very convenient. You can easily attach the metal cans and again quite quickly take away.

Einmach – or Einweckgläser are very popular with the Spice storage. Their metal screw can easily label or cover with foil. Glass is generally perfectly suited to the storage of food unlike plastic, because it contains no harmful substances.

Matt shiny shelves with many spice containers

spice storage floating metal shelves with holes

You can see some vintage variants for spice storage, as well as two very elegant solutions – double-sided drawer and built-in shelves with ornament base. The open shelves with chalk drawings and test tubes, which it has converts into spice containers are particularly original.

So accept the ideas that you like best with and reorganize your spices. You will see that the whole family will notice and feel anything as useful and chic.

Magnetic surface on the fridge

spice storage in the fridge

You can label a small pendant with the Spice name with jute rope

spice storage Einweckgläser with metal lids

An old Coca Cola box brought to new life

spice storage wood shelf in yellow

Very convenient and space-saving

spice storage In the closet on metal shelf

Even in the drawer, you can make the Spice storage with style

spice storage in a drawer

You can insert jars quietly in a drawer

spice storage jars with black lids

The good old Einweckgläser add a retro touch to the kitchen

spice storage kitchen glasses large and small

Colorful magnetic plate on the wall – also not a bad idea, or?

Spice storage round metal cans

An elegant vertical solution for your spices

spice storage drawer on three levels

No, you are not in the lab, but in the kitchen

spice storage tubes In the wooden box

So neat – as in a pharmacy

spice storage white wood shelf in five levels

Plastic containers may look sometimes also fine

spice storage display cabinet with many plastic containers

Retro flair in the kitchen

spice storage small glasses retro radio

Stylish and elegant on the wall

spice storage in white built-in shelf

Metal spice racks with claw feet

spice storage, spice shelves In the vintage look

Especially in higher cabinets is there plenty of room for the spices to the inside of the door

spice storage at the closet door

In series ordered spice jars for a better overview

spice storage on wooden shelf

Very original with open shelves and chalk

spice storage at a Blackboard with open shelves

I hope you have found the present design ideas very useful. We will be delighted if that really is the case. And wish you much fun with spice storage!

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