The Coffee Machine – Smart Innovation For More Energy And Enjoyment

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A coffee as an indispensable asset in your Office

Since its discovery in today’s Ethiopia according to legend is the coffee for energy and passion. Its name comes from its area of origin of Kaffa and his triumph has begun already in the 14th century in Arabia. Slowly, this strong and with character drink has conquered the whole world. One by one, the Ottoman Empire, Italy, Spain, France, Austria and Germany from the aromatic scent of coffee were won. Nowadays there’s hardly a country where you can’t enjoy the coffee. This beverage is one of the most famous ever, along with tea, sugar and tobacco. It has an important role in world trade and in the social sphere. Its impact on the ecology and human health is quite large. The coffee is just impossible to imagine today from our everyday lives.

In the course of time developed many myths about coffee and its effect. Very long, it was assumed that this drink only negatively affects our health. In some periods, it was in some regions, such as for example in the Ottoman Empire, even prohibited. Today has been proven however, by means of the latest scientific studies, that coffee is a valuable food, which has many very positive qualities. In the first place is its energisierende effect. It is attributed to mainly the caffeine it contains. Although this substance in many other plants containing one hits them in the coffee in large quantities. On the other hand, the coffee is also one of the richest sources of antioxidants. In this case, there are the flavonoids, which belong to the polyphenols, the chlorogenic acids, resveratrol and the Melanoidins. This radical scavengers proved erweise counteract oxidative stress and protect body cells from the aging processes as well as carcinogenic factors.

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You could talk for days about the story, properties and the effect of the coffee. As well, you can enjoy also spend hours delicious coffee specialities in a cosy round or alone with his favorite reading. For many people around the world, the start is simply not possible in the day without coffee. They love their morning coffee and would refrain from in any case. The cult drink in everyday work is particularly effective and preferred because of concentration significantly increases and leads logically to higher powers.

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Just like in other areas, there is a rapid and innovative development nowadays in the field of coffee. The passion for coffee include not just espresso, cappuccino and latte macchiato and many other coffee specialties. Thus, the technology has evolved. The traditional coffee machine is increasingly replaced by the multifunctional fully automatic coffee maker . So a modern espresso maker is essential not only for small companies, but especially for medium-sized and large companies. He has the ability and the capacity to offer their favorite coffee drinks all employees, throughout the day. On push of a button, you get the desired taste and the chosen concentration. Lately, more and more companies to hire as a coffee maker decide. Such an approach turns out to be as very practical and cheap. The good thing is that you get the rental including maintenance, Assembly and repair. So things are… partners one of the leading German companies in the field of coffee for coffee. There you will find a rich variety of models and designs, as well as a first class professional advice. Get just everything alone himself.

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