The Family Kitchen – Cooking And Enjoying With Young And Old

cooking and enjoy spacious kitchen island

Cooking and enjoy – interesting facts and practical tips

The kitchen is the center of each House. Here is not only cooked, but also laughing, together tried and even ate in a room and played. Just the family kitchen is an always popular spreading place for parents and their children, because here, you can combine this work with pleasure. Parents who want to make the kitchen more than just a working space, offer some interesting possibilities. So can an intelligent room design both space be created for the children as well room for preparing delicious meals. Where the family is always in the Centre.

The kitchen will be well planned

No one kitchen planning should commit itself without concept. After all, here to an optimum utilization of the available floor space. Especially in small kitchens should be considered therefore space-saving furniture pieces, providing storage space especially in the corners and niches. The room for manoeuvre is however still much greater in larger kitchens. Cook Islands, that are placed in the middle of the room are particularly popular here. A cooking Island wall cabinets and another located behind then work surface.

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cooking and enjoy complete set

The significant advantage for large families is a cooking island in the additional storage space, created by cabinets and drawers under the stove. Here, each utensil finds its own place so that clutter in the kitchen finally belongs to the past. Who pays attention to procedure, should think about inserts for cupboards and drawers in the kitchen planning. So special subjects can provide a much nice overall picture for spices and utensils and even crockery. A nice side-effect is the shortened working hours on the stove if the main equipment with only one handle are provided. Under no circumstances should young families decide for the first offer, but better multiple providers compare with each other. Also in the blog by is discouraged by the hasty purchase of a kitchen because is it often yields a high purchase price. If you would like to save money, takes its time when buying a kitchen. To manage the planning stress-free and no important details are forgotten.

Kids in the kitchen

According to , a firmly established place for children is a good feeling even the smallest. Parents do so well to set up special play areas that are also based on the principles of child safety. So, children should not play close to hot stove burners or oven because here the risk of Burns is very high. Also, splattering fats can provide for a slippery floor, the children quickly lose the grip. Courts should be established for electrical appliances such as a blender, food processor or Kettle, which are not accessible for children. Also the risk of electric shock is quickly banned, if special protective caps are used. Better still, it is when the sockets in the kitchen are scheduled so that they are the working surface on the rear panel. Lowered counter tops are a new trend and thus a quite family-friendly show-stopper. For Cook Islands, for example, a work surface that is lowered by half can be included on one side given the small space to painting or handicrafts. Even children can help here at kitchen work, without having to make it on wobbly stools. Then all the more fun the common cookie baking or vegetable cutting and children are playfully introduced at the kitchen work.

Feel good atmosphere for MOM and dad

The height of the work surface should be always according to the body size of the person, most working in the kitchen. With regard to the optimal working height, Haus.derecommends that these 15 centimeters should be lower than the elbow for countertops. The stove should be positioned even 20 cm below the elbow. This prevents a tension of the back and shoulder muscles from the outset and MOM or Dad can prepare even more elaborate dishes without difficulty.

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cooking and enjoy work area

To obtain adequate space for the preparation of meals, the kitchen should also have sufficient free space. Opposite cabinets must be at least 1.20 meters away from each other, allowing a free working and moving. With Wall shelves, parents create also enough space for everything else on the countertop. Thus arises a free working area, where several cutting boards and ingredients find place. So also the eyes in cooking and lingering in the kitchen are relieved, the planning of lighting concepts with a change from direct and indirect lighting in the kitchenis worth. Indirect lighting is especially nice if you want to calm in the kitchen. For careful working direct lighting can be switched on if necessary, and MOM and dad have everything in sight. Finally, also the personal touch in the kitchen should not be missed. With carefully selected decoration items and a harmonious colour concept for fronts and worktops, a pleasant homely atmosphere created in the kitchen. Fresh culinary herbs, which are presented in pots on the windowsill or a hanging shelf are great. The family brings then to colorful life in the space, the kitchen becomes the most beautiful place of the House.