The Modern Bosch Coffee Machines As Accessory For Your Kitchen

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Bosch coffee machines coffee

Modern coffee machines as accessory for your kitchen

For perfect enjoyment: Fully automatic coffee maker from Bosch convince in their functionality as well as in the design. She stylishly complete modern kitchen facilities, besides coffee at your fingertips latte macchiato, espresso and cappuccino with just a few hand prepared.

Bosch coffee machines coffee

Espresso maker for the modern kitchen

Clear, geometric shapes with slight curves, compact design – the coffee machine by Bosch have that in common. Expressive, they complement the kitchen, without being intrusive. Color can be selected the style according to the coffee machines: A bright decor is ideally complemented by shiny chrome, subtly contrast full accents in muted shades of Brown. Rustic furniture is tastefully rounded off by a coffee in dark coffee. The eye so spoiled, can already imagine how much the stylishly prepared coffee tastes.

Bosch coffee machines coffee maker Braun

Well-thought-out functionality

Traditional coffee machines and an espresso maker from Bosch have nothing in common. The beans are ground fresh each, so the full aroma is retained. Help the special SensoFlow heating system and the brewing technology with the special AromaPro concept.

A high-quality espresso maker from Bosch takes into account also the personal taste of its owner. Depending on the model you can select different Cup sizes and thicknesses of grinding. Should it be something very special, some coffee machines have storage for backing up preference – ideally, several connoisseurs use the device. It will be more comfortable if the grinder automatically adapts to the used bean variety. To do this, some models with the modern CoffeeSensor Pro are equipped.

In the morning should it go fast? A button that has the desired coffee drink is prepared with the optimal water pressure. The heating time for the modern coffee machines to a minimum is reduced to avoid unnecessary waiting times.

Bosch coffee machines coffee maker Braun

Coffee specialities for gourmets

A high-quality coffee can be more than just simple, black coffee to prepare. Innovative milk frothing systems exist for white coffee, latte macchiato, espresso and cappuccino. The distance between footprint and spout offers enough space for tall glasses, to stylishly serve the latte macchiato.

Bosch coffee machines coffee maker Beaurdex

Cleaning and maintenance

So that the coffees also in frequent use of devices retain their unique flavor, the grinders of the coffee machine durable ceramic are manufactured. The tubes to froth the milk can easily be cleaned with Plexiglas, similarly with the hose attached to the milk nozzle made of silicone. The milk pipe can be cleaned quickly under running water or in the dishwasher. Water tank, drip tray and brewing unit of coffee machines are removable for cleaning.

Bosch coffee machines coffeemaker silver

Smart programs

The modern coffee hot beverage programs are so versatile, quality support functions are so intelligent: the switching on and off an automatic cleaning program starts each. Beans or water tend to the end, the coffee machine makes timely attention. Devices that are operated with water filter, display, if this needs to be changed. Automatic descaling and cleaning programs are what also not lacking in high-quality coffee machines, to get full functionality.

coffee machines Bosch TASSIMO Blau

Ease of use

The design of the coffee machine by Bosch is so clear, the operation is so simple. All important information is to read via a display, the buttons for all settings and programs are comfortably attached. Remove the filling and container is done with a handle and only a push of a button is required to start the entire brewing cycle. That pleases the connoisseurs, while the coffee machine perfectly complements the modern kitchen in functionality and appearance.

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