The Old Kitchen Remodeling – Give Kitchens A New Great Look!

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the old kitchen renovation stone wall idea lighting wood furniture

The old kitchen remodel – give kitchens a new great look!

Often, you need a renovation in the kitchen and this for several reasons. Sometimes even the Fixelmittel is decades old. In other cases, the laminated surfaces and linoleum floor are already too weathered.

Do not worry too much, because you can find very simple and quick solutions in these cases. You can apply new accessories and innovative materials. This does not necessarily have to cost much, but they will bring your kitchen in the world of modernization.

Whether you live long in your home or sell this want to be the next ten ideas much to the sense of well-being in your kitchen help.

1. replace the old metals with modern alternative substances

The old kitchen were of course built with old materials. But nothing speaks during the restoration against the use of new and innovative equipment! This alone will give it the kitchen a newer look.

The kitchen designs from chrome, brushed aluminum, stainless steel are very modern. Nickel and copper. Try out these materials in your kitchen! More super chic solutions are the Pendantlicher and the wide hoods.

the old kitchen remodeling wood flooring fitted kitchen cabinet modernize the kitchen, by switching the old surfaces or textures

2. the replace old ground by modern materials

The ground is one of the often overlooked area in the kitchen. But that must change, if you want to provide your kitchen with a modern look. Because the floor ultimately occupies the entire kitchen area. The material here certainly makes the big difference!

Compare about the traditional rolled vinyl or linoleum floor with an elastic material such as wood, tile, or stone.

These materials will last longer and increase the value of your home. In recent years, many previously neglected materials have become popular again. This includes a type of ceramics, which looks like wood, or about Traverline and slate.

3. replace the upper cabinets with a sleek design

Decades long was this super popular. It has brought new and new cabinets and there kept cutlery and other important household goods. One has considered this was also something comfortable and cosy.

You have those and you find them already obsolete? Then remove the cabinets and let only the bottom. Then the walls are also visually much larger look and you can apply the new color. To no longer lock the as open space, insert open shelves and distribute decorative pieces and utensils on it.

You will be very surprised about the new look of your kitchen according to these changes. It will be more practical and watching bring very much pleasure already.

Remove the upper cabinets

the old kitchen remodeling white kitchen cabinet drawers sink

4.Erfrischen you the surfaces through the use of innovative materials

Table surfaces are element of beanspruchendes a different room. They must be so very intelligently applied. On the market there are a very wide range of materials for the surface: resin, polymers, different variations of the natural stone (marble, granite), and others. So you are not suffering from small selection.

In recent years, the designers are always creative. In the design of the surface materials which were used for structural constructions you previously only come in.

5. integrate modern seating in the usually bustling area of your kitchen.

It’s your kitchen. Increasingly, it is referred to as the “Heart” of the House. This one suggests their function as a social body. There they gathered together to cook and to enjoy the delicious food. In the kitchen “pulsates” family life.

You must not so closely see the dining area for modern kitchens. Do not make it as a zone cut off, but distribute seats anywhere in the room. You can decide this for bar stools bar stools or about a bank or banquets at the window. All can provide these solutions for a totally different atmosphere in the kitchen.

Now imagine that it will be as fun with your friends and family in the kitchen!

Place a sofa in the kitchen

the old kitchen remodeling wood flooring dining table Chair column

6. new, energy-saving devices instead of the old kitchen equipment

Let’s face the truth: we live in the era of resource saving and this must be also be felt in your kitchen.

The energy-efficient equipment should replace the old and bring modern style to your kitchen. Financially it will be a good investment for you, because the Bills are now noticeably smaller.

Pull the replacement of sanitary facilities into consideration. The taps can save you many problems with low pressure. These can be used both in the kitchen and in the bathroom. There’s also the touch free technologies. Where the watercourse without touching can be activated. This helps against the spread of bacteria at home. Still, you should consider some sensors for temperature into consideration also the installation. Save your money and the Earth’s resources.

7 painted kitchen cabinets in modern colours

Paint the cabinets in modern colors. Love your kitchen, but they want to make something modern? Then, you do this by you can easily reach it by a new color. You can paint, stroke, or replace with new one even the door of the kitchen cabinets. So, you can refresh the kitchen with a small sum. There are also many “faux” finishes for walls, as well as for the kitchen cabinets. But why start not a craft project in the kitchen? While you can bring relaxing colours, glass surfaces and creative areas of color. Their efforts are certainly worthwhile and your cabinets will look like brand new.

Paint the surface of the kitchen cabinets

the old kitchen remodeling white kitchen cabinet modern attractive

8. install new lighting

If you have renewed the major elements of your kitchen once, replace the lighting. The bright kitchen means more security, better atmosphere and variety. Have you tortured so far with a roof lighting in the kitchen? Look for solutions for built-in lighting or “can light”. Thus, they create a practical and modern kitchen area. Look also for Twilight switch. So, you can change the lighting according to occasion and mood. The kitchen will look different depending on the occasion and the atmosphere can be suitable for cooking, entertainment or relaxation. You can create something special even at midnight breakfast.

Lights over the kitchen island are also very popular. Very special atmosphere is achieved by the illuminated kitchen work surfaces and chandeliers. These are also great options for flexible lighting options.

Update the kitchen facility

the old kitchen remodeling wood flooring white surfaces

9 Add in decorative items

You want to transform your kitchen into a place for adding decorative elements? You can make the room very individually and incredibly beautify it.

Have you thought about also shelves with plants on the kitchen shelves? You can continue to add these through works of art, sculptures and other decorative elements.

Built-in shelves under the kitchen island can show many memorabilia and about your favorite cookbooks. There fit the inherited China sets, which have been passed down through several generations. It lacks only a flower vase and maybe a bowl of lemon or lime. This will bring in more freshness and originality to your kitchen.

10 enlarge your kitchen by ‘knock down’ walls

The fragmentary and including many boxing room is very typical for the older kitchens. If you yearn for a more open feeling, and you want to connect the kitchen area to the dining room, you should consider beating down doors and walls in consideration.

Be carefully! You should bring this solution at no load-bearing walls. Otherwise you jeopardize the construction of the building. The kitchen can be increased by this method or you can contribute for more openness between the different rooms.

If your kitchen looks fabulous now, how will she be then without the walls? You should go but prior to the transition to such a solution for a consultation with an architect.

Make the kitchen look bigger and remove the partitions

the old kitchen renovation stone wall idea pendant luminaires cooker

Through these simple tips, your kitchen can be completely transforms and modernizes. Customize everything to your taste.

Perhaps you can adapt one of these ideas, or you will be inspired for a completely new solution.  We are pleased anyway, if we could help.

The possibilities are very much and can be simple or very creative

the old kitchen remodeling black kitchen cabinet wood white paintedIf your kitchen looks fabulous now, how will she be then without the walls?

the old kitchen remodeling black kitchen cabinet sink dining area

Dark kitchen cabinets – salient hanging lamps

the old kitchen remodeling pendants black kitchen Oberflchäche Cabinet

Large kitchen area – wooden fittings

the old kitchen remodeling wood surfaces upper kitchen cabinet sink

Kitchen modernisation gives the room a fresh look

the old kitchen remodeling metal chairs Island built-in kitchen cabinet

the old kitchen remodeling metal chairs Island table top installation cabinet combines classic elements and modern accents in a

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