The Own Café – Spice You Your Kitchen With A Luxury Coffee Center On

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own Café In the House rustic furnishings in beige

The own Café – spice you your kitchen on

The coffee Center is becoming more and more popular as a part of the kitchen equipment. A special corner, where you can make coffee early in the morning or espresso after dinner served to the guests, is desired by many homeowners. A common coffee Center simply needs a coffee machine and cups. The luxury centres but are nowadays decorated with all kinds of things and accents to bring the art of coffee on a different level.

Setting up a real luxury of coffee Centre:

Coffee Mill

Coffee machine

Kitchen sink

Small fridge

Warming drawer for the cups

Storage and small trash can

You should also ensure to select a fixed work surface, especially if you cook espresso. Then, you must muster much power, to empty the filter.

Coffee grinders. The coffee grinders have awoken us as children. Then came the time of prepackaged ground coffee. But today, the coffee drinkers believe that only freshly ground coffee tastes good.

So, the coffee grinder is a must

own Café In the House shiny espresso machine

Coffee grinders are sometimes higher than the coffee machines, so, beware even when setting up the shelves into account enough height for this.

Free-standing coffee machines. The market today is flooded with complicated coffee machines – including new generation of machines with coffee capsules. The demanding home Barista sure have a good idea of the benefits and disadvantages. The free-standing coffee machines but are a popular option for homeowners, thanks to their price flexibility, style, and location in the kitchen.

Built-in coffee machines

own Café In the house built into the Cabinet

They are either popular or hated. These machines have two variants: connected or one should fill that with water. Your choice may depend on what is ensured for the water quality of the water supplier, and how often the machine is used.

Small refrigerators

own Café In the House small and fine on the countertop

A built-in cooling drawer is for your back and your eyes easily, and so you have milk and coffee can be reached. Of course, a mini refrigerator can play this role.


own Café In the House dull finish and cherry wood

An extra small sink is ideal. I have installed successfully 15 cm wide sink in coffee centres.

If you since longer considering the installation of a reverse osmosis of water filter for drinking water here is the ideal opportunity for you.

Warming drawers

own Café In the House modern with plenty of room for the cups

A built-in warming drawer under the machine for preheating the cups is a good idea. This luxury helps to supplement your coffee stays warm longer, and so you can better enjoy the coffee in the cool hours of the morning. A shallow variation is for the cups in order, a deeper model also allows the storage of plates and food. You would want to install maybe but as a variant in another corner of the kitchen, so that it is more often used.

Where will the coffee Center be established?

Well, consider the situation. If it is part of the breakfast corner, then it should be away from the cooking facilities, but close to the refrigerator.

Set up a bar between the kitchen and the dining room

Partners 4 design

own Café In the House with its own niche style

The pantry would be also a good location for this purpose.

Have seen the additional folding worktop under the work surface of this coffee Centre – an ideal solution for tighter spaces.

Hidden rooms

own Café In the House oak Eigebaut

Many people want to have hidden their coffee Center. Closet works best with countertop and pulling doors a devices. Connect the door of function with a switch for the devices that are in the closet – so there is no risk.

Breakfast at centres

own Café In the House In the antique looking marble countertop

If you have enough room, you could set up Centre together with the coffee Center a complete breakfast, with a microwave and a toaster. If it fits in your kitchen, you are planning a drawer of nearby for breakfast cereals and bread.

Other possible facilities are cupboards for glasses and napkins, bottle opener for a coffee Center with a bar, with a food or wine refrigerator (or refrigerated drawers). If you have enough space, consider even a small dishwasher for this corner. And they finally complete ice machine!

Issued coffee Center. Sometimes, a coffee Center is better off, as in cupboards hidden. The unusual shape of this Centre is in line with the dynamic shapes in the kitchen.

Do you already have your own coffee Center? We would like to see. Send us your pictures and comments!

own Café In the House shiny mother of Pearl tiles

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