The SMEG Fridge – A Design Icon In 50’s Style

Smeg refrigerator retro collection colors round shapes

Enjoy the perfect combination of the retro design and modern innovation of the SMEG fridge

Stand on colourful retro design? Are modern technology and high energy efficiency of vital importance for you? Would you create a stylish kitchen with the unmistakable glamour of the 50’s? Then you need clearly the unique SMEG fridge. If you are not yet available to the lucky ones who have this artwork in the field of home appliances at home, then it would be time to do something in this direction. What is actually behind SMEG?

The company name is an acronym which can look back on a long history. It means “Metal and Glovemaking headquartered in Guastalla, Emilia-Romagna” on german translated -. The company was founded by Vittorio Bertazzoni in 1948 and today it is run as the third-generation family business. At the very beginning, the Bertazzonis were actually forged and later they began to deal with State herds. So they have presented one of the first gas stoves in the second half of the 1950s. He was a real innovation for its time with automatic safety valve in the oven and gas programming. Other products such as dishwasher, built-in ovens and cooktops, followed later in the 70’s. Around the same time, the company began to cooperate with architects and designers. So emerged in the 90s of the stylish SMEG fridge in 5oer years style.

Meaningful and distinctive in red

Smeg fridge kitchen red black white

Many of the products from SMEG are today real style icons and proud representative of the MADE IN ITALY design. It is also not surprising given the fact that the SMEG Department closely and intensively piano works design, Marc Newson, Giancarlo Candeago with architects and designers of the world, such as Guido Canali, Mario Bellini, the Studio. Style determination, creativity and style, as well as the latest technology and innovation play a pretty big role. SMEG sets a high value on the environmentally-friendly features. All electrical appliances (refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, washing machines, hoods, dryers) used precious materials such as stainless steel, glass, aluminium and brass. These substances can be recycled namely easily with careful separation of waste. Of course adheres SMEG also on the instructions of the European directives RoHs and REACH and respect the limits.

Black, red, gold in retro style

Smeg fridge German national flag

In the production of household appliances, the company adheres to highest efficiency of energy classes. Protection of the environment and the quality of life are in capitals.

SMEG refrigerators available in vibrant colors, which were inspired from the pop art. You can find also in other designs, such as for example national flags or stripes. If you are but on classical minimalism, you will find it also with a refrigerator in white or black. We are convinced that here is something for everyone here. Look at the pictures, we’ve collected for you and decide for!

Golden luxury for real connoisseurs

Smeg fridge elegant retro luxury gold gloss

Bright Seladongrün and white brick wall

Smeg fridge elegant retro style

The cute mini version

Smeg fridge elegant red small model

Give a personal touch to your kitchen

Smeg coloured fridge retro style kitchen

The perfect choice for industrial style fans

Smeg fridge kitchen industrial style dark red gloss

SMEG red high gloss

Smeg fridge red gloss chess Matt flooring tiles

Vintage pink reinterpreted

Smeg fridge minimalist kitchen pink gloss

A stylish journey into the past

Smeg refrigerator retro light blue

Masculine in cobalt blue

Smeg fridge open brick wall dark blue

Union Jack in 50’s style

Smeg refrigerator retro design art Union Jack

Round shapes and multifaceted patterns

Smeg retro fridge colours exhibition

Colorful strips

Smeg refrigerator retro striped model


Smeg refrigerator retro Italian flag

Find your personal refrigerator

Smeg refrigerator retro variety colors

Dark red high gloss

Smeg refrigerator retro kitchen red white

Pop art colors and cool design

Smeg refrigerator retro kitchen modern color palette

Retro flair and latest technology

Smeg refrigerator retro kitchen red

Clearly denim

Smeg fridge denim model

Girly sophistication

Smeg refrigerator retro style pink

Bright lemon yellow

Smeg refrigerator retro lemon yellow

Pink gas cooker – the classic of SMEG

Smeg retro fridge stove furnace

SMEG small appliances with retro charm

Smeg refrigerator retro small appliances kitchen

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