To Create A Modern Kitchen Of Timeless Beauty

To create a modern kitchen of timeless beauty

The kitchen is the new car: almost 6300 Germans on average for a new kitchen spend euros – approximately 800 euros more than just four years ago. But many kitchens that are elegant at the time of purchase, look almost two decades later by the design here plenty old. The solution: Classic kitchens of timeless beauty!

A classic cuisine is timelessly beautiful and also practical

Especially in the kitchen design, come and go the trends. However, some design features are therefore always modern and timeless beauty. This is a great advantage if you opt for a classic kitchen style. This style is characterized by a number of special design features:

A classic kitchen has a simple – and therefore particularly elegant interactive – design. This involves using restrained colors and traditional materials such as wood. Harmonious colour and material combinations and the use of a discreet lines are also important.

modern kitchen white kitchen island glossy wood floor

Typical for the timeless elegance of a classic kitchen are also white plastic surfaces and such in shades of sand or anthracite. The surfaces can be also high-gloss or consist of polished wood. The clear lines of the handles and the large drawer fronts are characteristic.

Like high-quality materials are used for the countertops like granite or stainless steel.

A classic cuisine but not only looks good, but is also very carefully after ergonomic aspects: is precisely tailored to their users and whose needs and workflows. When planning and installing your new kitchen, it is worth to get a professional to work to beautify your kitchen quickly and easily with built-in wardrobes, which are set, for example, the height of kitchen appliances such as the oven or the microwave optimally to your personal size.

modern kitchen black kitchen island wood countertop

As a classic cuisine at current trends can be adapted

It is also particularly beautiful classic kitchen style that is this very easily over and over again can be combined with the changing trends. This makes this style, timeless and contemporary at the same time. So, the look of a classic kitchen by using fashion accessories can be repeatedly changed and adapted to current trends in kitchen design.

So, you can install easily using fabrics such as towels, curtains and table cloths, trendy colors and patterns in your classic kitchen. When a trend changes, such accessories can be also very inexpensive exchanged against new trend article. Except textiles, classic cuisine with modern ceramics can be adapted to the latest kitchen trends. In this way you can simply combine timeless elegance and modern design.

modern kitchen grey kitchen island countertop pendants

Trend to the open kitchen-living room

A comprehensive current trend is going to the open kitchen. Today, guests will no longer run in the living room but in the chic kitchen. The often flowing transition between kitchen and living room brings Cook and serve the guests quickly under a hat. A kitchen is today not only to work, but also to stay dar- and should be therefore possible representative.

So the kitchen is upgraded the last years also ever more technically: the trend towards sliding doors instead of excerpts and additional details such as LED light bands in the cabinets. But expensive extras such as lacquer fronts, glass surfaces and handle-less cabinets, induction cookers, extra quiet dishwasher, and energy-efficient refrigerators, enjoy a growing popularity.

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