To Install Kitchen Rear Wall Can Test Your Creativity

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Kitchen rear wall have numerous options

It can be said that the options are to make a kitchen rear wall itself, more and more. We mean different materials, sizes, colours and also the amount of the costs. But ultimately have a great responsibility to select this variant, which suits you best.

But if you know a few rules for the laying of the tiles, you can save is itself very much stress during the process. Read this article to know what you have to expect.

Create your DIY kitchen rear wall project

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The project: Assemble kitchen rear wall.

Why: The rear wall can be used as an accent area in the kitchen. You can look at as a combination of different colors and materials.

Details: The difficulties and the cost of the project related to the complexity of the design. First, you should consider what type of Panel you want. As I already told you, the options are really endless. Think soft, painted glass surfaces, ceramic tile patterns or individual, customer-specific murals.

See lots of pictures at, you search for different materials, meet several designers and showrooms you can visit to find the best possible solution for themselves.

Select the appropriate motifs

kitchen beautiful figures

Everyday design

kitchen work surface bottles condiment Cup

The holiday house design

kitchen work surface fruit cutlery

Kitchen rear wall made of silver

kitchen rear silver

Clean lines

kitchen work surface sink

You measure after, recommends the designer Mariette Babiche. To be determine correctly what size tiles and type of material you can use best. Try again and again to imagine, all materials together will look like. Designers are usually able to imagine very quickly to the bottom line and to present this to you.

The type of work surface is a very important determining factor. For example, an overloaded kitchen rear wall is most likely clash with an overloaded granite work surface. In advance, consider how to fit the selected material to the other room elements.

Next, you should find out what amount of tiles and other materials you will need. Barsoums estimate, you should buy more 10% of the General square metres of space. Babiche also recommends that you ensure that all at the same time arrives.

Small bricks

kitchen rear Extractor fruit

Character frame

kitchen back wall open cutlery

Hot meals with decorated back wall

kitchen rear wall mural

Who should we employ?

If you feel confident in the tile techniques, you could make a DIY project from your back. Ever more expensive the material, the more important is that you hire a professional for installation. Best you should choose someone here, which specializes in the tiles create.

The best time for the project:

You should realize this project during or after the kitchen remodel. Previously it is not worthwhile because there will almost certainly be damage during the reconstruction.

How long will it take:

The project can last from a few days up to a few weeks. Again all of the material depends on. If you have ordered tiles in stock, the project is undoubtedly quickly concluded.

With handmade tiles, it may take up to a few weeks.

Take your time and get all too much stress, because during the renovation you can continue to use the kitchen. Give not much trouble at the kitchen back wall fitting. Slow to work means that you will achieve better quality. Have fun with your next kitchen renovation!

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