Unique Design Ideas For Kitchens With Lots Of Windows

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kitchens with many Windows a quiet place

A quiet room – kitchen with lots of Windows

Everyone wants a bright kitchen, but several Windows mean most often a shortage of storage space in your kitchen. Let’s consider these intelligent designer solutions, which we offer you here. In a closed kitchen, this dark cabinets and countertops may seem difficult, but two window walls and well placed lights brighten the space and improve your mood naturally!

Thin cubicle – kitchen with lots of Windows

kitchens with many Windows of thin alcove

This sash allows you great views of the garden. The open shelves make it possible that you can reach your Chinese porcelain plates with your glasses.

Naturally beautiful

kitchens with many Windows of course beautiful

The prominent design and look of the cabinets here allows the connection between the Interior and the wooded site out there. The bright white color complements the perfection of the whole atmosphere.

Smooth sailing!

kitchen with lots of Windows to smooth sailing

The shape of this cuisine is inspired by the Intracoastal Waterway, it is designed in the shape of a ship, and one of the walls is equipped with Windows from floor to ceiling. In the middle of the kitchen is a placed 4.20 m long island, which is home to a sink and another dishwasher, plus some drawers for storage. On the other hand, there are two wine coolers.

Read the comfort at home – a cookbook or just chatting

kitchens with many Windows comfort at home

It is obvious, kitchens with multiple Windows are a must nowadays. Here can relax even your guests next to the kitchen island and close to the underlying, read a cookbook or just chatting. Plants and collectibles give much warmth and personal touch to the room.

I will do the dishes!

kitchens with many Windows tableware washing

A casement Windows and a French door transform this space with the sink Wall into a welcoming job between the indoor and outdoor areas.  The dominant white color, the Carrara marble and gray floor complement this cuisine and friendly atmosphere.

On the Bay

kitchens with many Windows Bay

This kitchen in a house located in a wide Bay, let has 2 rows of Windows, that have explicit colonial architecture and plenty of natural light into the room.

Many kitchen cabinets

kitchens with many window cabinets

In this narrow space with awning Windows many thin shelves and cabinets are installed to the vintage – ceramic and glassware to present.

Escape to the kitchen island

kitchens with many Windows escape to the kitchen island

A part of this L-shaped island contains a microwave, drawers, storage for cookware and a dishwasher. Also the sink is located on the corner, so MOM and Dad can enjoy outside the view during their kitchen work.

Coffee corner

kitchens with many Windows simplicity self

Thanks to the window walls, this kitchen is full of bright light and clever ideas. The most important kitchen appliances are placed on a small surface – thus arose a breakfast corner.

Simplicity itself

kitchens with many Windows out springs

In this quiet work area, the marble slab island is used for the preparation of sweets and pastries.

-Out of the springs!

Kitchen with many Windows charm and comfort

This bakery corner is placed at the edge of the triangle and is designed to make it look antique.

Charm and comfort

kitchens with many Windows charm comfort

It came so that the kitchen window had a view of the South during the reconstruction of the whole House. This is now ideal for the cultivation of herbs.

Vintage – look

kitchen Windows old fashioned vintage vantage point

You could add more storage space to your home, while maintaining the precious old Windows. Build an island or peninsula, hanging Cafe curtains, so as not to block the light.

In harmony with the nature

line natural kitchen small window fresh

Also with the new dishwasher drawers, the design in this space is timeless. By multipane window the rays of the Sun touch the kitchen island, counter tops, shelves, painted in delicate green.

Equipped according to plan

according to plan kitchen design window original

This kitchen of modernist architecture is characterized by clean lines and simple shapes.

Contacts with the tradition

traditional curtains dark surface checkered kitchen

Elegant folding strip curtains dress this trio of double-rotating Windows. The traditional atmosphere is complemented by a classic marble countertop.

Daily fresh

fresh everyday idea white small kitchen window

Daylight flooded this kitchen all in white, from here, you have great views of the pool outside.

Unilateral solution

attic kitchen white stained items window

An attic – that makes difficult the kitchen planning sometimes. The solution: be sure use two window at an angle and the areas in between!


round out cuisine fresh vibrant pale colors window

A generous number of Casement Windows has additional effects. Natural sunlight is the collection of glassware on the high shelf sparkle beautifully and mysteriously.

The old barn was rebuilt so that the result is amazing today!

rustic rural modern kitchen cabinets combines Windows

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