Useful Tips For Your Small Kitchen – Convenient And Comfortable

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Tips for your small kitchen

Thoughtfully planned galley kitchens offer much of a place – this is usually a narrow space newly designed by the designer, where you would find generous deposit options and cook-friendly comfort after the conversion.

Practical ideas for your small kitchen – glass front cabinets and open shelves
blue glass kitchen cabinets black white compact small kitchen

The narrow tight kitchens are highly appreciated by home and professional cooks because their floors because you can work easily. In the old houses the galley were kitchens fine-tuned designs so, that they meet now stylishly modern house facilities and designs.

impressively white Orange your small kitchen textures compact extended kitchen cabinets Starr crafted kitchen design – dark ambience

In General, a floor has kitchen of a 2-wall scheme with employment opportunities in between, which are located on the opposite sides of an aisle. Another type of this kitchen design (mainly in small apartments to see) is the equipment and the sink on one of the walls.

Hard-working functions and fashionable shapes

kitchen Arbeitesplatte wood dark kitchen cabinets compact small

Designers and homeowners try now to rethink what a pantry kitchen could be and should be and optimize every centimetre, to recover space for hard-working functions and fashionable shapes. If you have such a narrow kitchen at home, get solutions and the stylish interesting strategies of designers the clever space!

Logistics at the narrow galley kitchen

gleaming surface grass green black white original modern your small kitchen

To improve your work, spread the center aisle in the kitchen, to 1,20 X 180 meters, whenever it is possible. An extension contributes much to good work in the kitchen to 0.90 m, there is space then also for several cooks. Consider a well organized work process in triangle system with no more than 2.40 m distance between each workspace by unpacking the food up to the their perfect preparation. It would be good to have everything on a wall – cooling and food cooking, storage,- and the kitchen sink, dishwasher and cupboards on the other wall. This facilitates your work in the kitchen and the efforts not only one, but also 2 cooks. You better next to a door, so that drinks and snacks are reach for visitors, but also outside your work area are your refrigerator.

Cosy and compact white kitchen – modern style

your small kitchen white black light atmosphere idea upper kitchen cabinets

If you find it hard to work in a confined space, open the space from one side of the kitchen to the next room. Create a pass through to an inner wall or replace the wall with a long kitchen island with at least one work place, ample storage space, or breakfast bar with a few seating areas.

Lighting, storage & decor

kitchen block textures wood white black green kitchen rear wall compact

If possible, remove obstacles that interfere with your eyes, limit the sunlight or prevent the team of chefs at work. Design your kitchen with glass-fronted cabinets and open shelves so that the room looks more spacious. Maintain the kitchen always in good order with hardware appliances, recessed lighting and conveniently placed storage space. Small devices must be stowed away when not needed.

Compact housing design – kitchen and living area in a room

your small kitchen color living area countertop kitchen block

Layout at the place, it’s time to go aesthetic problems. Think of lighter and airy colors for your walls, cabinets and appliances–that would be the best choice! It comes to Visual new design of the close environment, so you opt for sunny yellow, light blue, Pearl Grey or light green on the walls. White tiles and stainless steel appliances, light colours and reflective surfaces in the kitchen – then working is there too much fun!

Snow White kitchen Interior – modern hanging lamps, colorful wall painting

kitchen island snow white Hängelampane elegant modern wall painting

Because you will spend much time in your pantry kitchen, you need to make the space friendly and very personally for you. Show your valuable collections, use patterned runners in bright colors, hanging colorful graphics on the walls and some decorative window, such as woven blinds. We hope you enjoy your compact home decoration Ihen and we know you will find much pleasure watching your small room, looks great now and more friendly.

wood texture your small kitchen slim compact small practical tips upper and lower kitchen cabinets with bright, wooden textures disguised – compact, narrow kitchen monochrome kitchens Interior – glossy kitchen mirror kitchens design white small compact narrow original practically functional

tips your small kitchen white compact narrow

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