Washbasin For Laundry Room – 10 Tips For Establishing Of The Laundry Room

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white laundry facility idea

10 advice, through which you can make the best out of your laundry

We have a few super practical tips for the laundry room for you! Hopefully you can use them for your needs

Most people spend a lot of time in the laundry room. There you do the laundry, drying, irons and bathes the dog. Should we make this space not so functional and cozy, just how?

The restrooms have shown a great development in recent years. From our childhood, we know them as barren basement. But now they are a pleasant lounge area for many people. The following examples you can see for yourself.

Refrigerator: Many washrooms have a second fridge todayWashbasin for laundry

washbasin for laundry room gleaming surfaces idea design

Grow through this creates more space to for the products.Is that a bit too much to you? Then perhaps a compromise can be reached by a mini fridge.

A sewing station

sink for the laundry basket shelf washing machine

Like sewing and hate this eternal taking the machine out of the closet. But they can find a permanent place in the laundry room and you would then do their own projects much faster.

Build the sewing station 75 cm height and leave just room for your legs. Install the whole thing next to an electrical outlet.

Washing station for the dog

washbasin for laundry room pale yellow window backyard dog

You can make a very comfortable and enviable functional station in the washroom. As an installation in the laundry room next to a farm, or in addition to the garage would work best.

There, you can make the dog clean and then let him in the House.

High washing machine and dryer

sink to the laundry area countertop granite washing machines

Many people have problems with his back. You could avoid the bending by the elevated position. Furthermore, as a wash station has a particularly attractive appearance.

I think the best height would be about 40 cm.

Place to drip off

sink to the laundry area countertop granite black drawers

You can determine a place specifically for this purpose. So the clothes would drain themselves, without having to make much mess. Instead of putting a large amount of cabinets, you should form better a place.

You should use best a bar for hanging clothes and then build a drain. So, to create the best possible water protection.

Drain on the ground

washbasin for laundry room tile floor light mosaic kitchen mirror

You need to make not a special place for the drop off. There, every place can serve through the drain at the bottom. Then you can wipe off once and the room is clean and smells good.

The drain will make also possible damage to the washing machine it is not so dangerous.

Ironing Board – does your laundry room about to little space?

washbasin for laundry ironing board iron ironing washing machines

You can provide a built-in washboard to more functionality without any loss of space.

Schließkörbe – you can make extra tidy without much effort the room through this

washbasin for laundry room tile mirror mosaic gleaming

You can sort the clothes here depending on the style and color and then save time during washing.

Have also a laundry room with plenty of potential. Would you use one of these ideas or maybe invent a better?

laundry room organization establishment white washing machines

Spacious, comfortable laundry room – traditional furnishings Cabinet white wood facility traditional laundry

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