Wood Floor In The Kitchen For A Homely Atmosphere

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wood flooring in kitchen

Create more heat with wood flooring in kitchen

The naturalness and warmth, the wood floor in the kitchen spread, creating a homely atmosphere. Not for nothing, many people opt for the flooring made of wood. Wood floors are to use today everywhere in the home, even in the bathroom and a balcony. A special care and processing are parquet and wood floors durable and robust and can withstand wear and tear, differences in temperature and humidity. The most commonly used local wood for wood floors are oak, beech, walnut, and Maple. The exotic woods used more often used in the production of parquet, are less in demand and even the tendency has prevailed lately, using sustainable woods such as bamboo.

You should decide for the wood floor in the kitchen is definitely for a more robust wood species because many activities take place in this area of the apartment or House and the wear and tear of the flooring is much larger. Oak and Maple for example are two of wood mostly to recommended for your kitchen. Where oak looks rough and rugged, and more of a maple fine and homogeneous structure has and is brighter by nature.

Light, smooth texture with Maple

wood flooring in kitchen beech light

By heating up and smoking the most Woods are darker and more robust

wood flooring in kitchen oak dark wood flooring

Select the color of the wooden floor of your choice and style. And although the darker wood nuances in the trend, you will be old fashioned never, if you choose a light color for your wood floor in the kitchen . The larch and beech will be perfect for your purposes.

Especially for the kitchen, it is extremely important to use the proper wood floor care. In any case, Polish your wood floor with polyurethane paint or by similar means, which increase the shelf life and protect the wood against moisture.

Look at these 18 ideas for a stylish wood floor in the kitchen . Which species of wood and what colour do you like best?

Old floorboards add a special touch to the kitchen

wood floor in the kitchen oak rough

The parquet into geometric patterns can be used for structural dynamics

wood floor in the kitchen fine grain parquet

Coarse grain as smooth eye-catcher

wood flooring in kitchen granite countertops

Wide Plank Flooring ground the white kitchen design

wood flooring in kitchen rough wooden planks

Elegant Walnut wood looks dignified and masculine

wood floor in the kitchen hardwood dark

Very charming with larch wood

wood flooring in kitchen hell

Rustic light oak

wood floor in the kitchen light wood flooring

The special heat treatment and polishing makes in high-gloss parquet

wood flooring in kitchen cherry wood planks

Dark Woods go especially well with a minimalist kitchen

wood flooring in kitchen Walnut dark

Optical movement through structural contrast

wood flooring in kitchen Walnut cabinets

Wooden floor of a special kind

wood floor in the kitchen floor light

Zig-zag parquet with a rustic touch

wood flooring in kitchen parquet zig zag

Sturdy wood flooring oak in color

wood floor in the kitchen sturdy wooden planks

Wooden floors and marble – simply classic

wood floor in the kitchen white kitchen Island marble

Dark Woods give the kitchen an extra dose livability

wood floor in the kitchen of white kitchen cabinets

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