42 Designer Lamps To Fall In Love

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designer lights white Orange hanging collage

Designer lights from paper by Lane by post

We no longer had the theme of design luminaires on the daily schedule. It is so important for our well-being in the darkest time of the year. This time, we have selected something from the firm of lane by post for you.

She brought 25 new, beautiful pleated models in various shades on the market. The presented design luminaires are also variation in its form and size.

Unique paper lampshades UK

designer lights bulbs

Ecological, elegant and witty

Lampenshirm designer lamps Nah indigo blue

Interplay of light and shadow

The folded structure of design luminaires in a way reminiscent of fins. The lights provide a great interplay of shadow and light. This also contributes to the glowing, transparent appearance of colors. Local craftsmen from the environment of the production company were involved in the drafting. Thus it connects to the forward-looking trends in the UK and around the world.

Fresh color oppositions provide a very strong look

Designer light catcher In the room composition

There is Jet Black

In addition to other colors it has included also designer lighting in Jet Black in the collection. Other impressive shades are different nuances, as well as white and grey. Each piece was created from four sheets of paper. These are tied together. The paper itself was in one of the oldest paper factories in the UK, and in Cumbria, manufactured.

Suspension lamp, which can be converted into floor lamp

designer light blue yellow

Paper can correspond well with all materials

designer lights Lampenshirm baby blue Indigo hanging tea

Here again, same lamp in scene set

Designer light catcher In the room Indigo white

Once again about the black design

We see once again the black design of this collection. She was the model that we all enjoyed the most. She would work wonderfully in any any interior design. Imagine only the shadows on the floor, on the walls and on the ceiling!

Each of these lamps has 32 single propeller blades made of paper

designer lights floor lamp

Options are available both dark and bright shades

design spotlights Black Yellow

A very eco-friendly project

Designer light grey black with yellow Inley

Product design meets graphic design

Designer light blue-green gradient with red shell

The lamp is light as a feather

Designer light blue-green gradient

The propeller structure makes it appear dynamic and alive the lamp

designer lights sherbet yellow

design spotlights grey industrial yellow

Designer light soft cream

Designer light composition with leather chair

Designer light grey white pink wall

Hanging designer lights

Within the collection there are also a series of hanging designer lamps. Check to be sure these! We find that it represents the culmination of this beautiful collection.

Simple and effective

designer lights Produktofotografie

The warm colour of the Interior layer ensures yet more lighting

Designer light catcher In the room composition grey poster Chair

The lampshades are available in several colour combinations

design luminaires serpentine Orange slopes

Together, they are well combined

designer lights Blau Rorange white

A lamp shade can create quite atmosphere

designer lamps dual color pendant

design luminaires Lampenshirm wine red horizontal

design luminaires Lampenshirm wine red lemon yellow

designer lights Lampenshirm magenta grey

design luminaires Pfierisich Carmin red slopes

design luminaires Pfierisich Carmin red close

design luminaires Pfierisich Carmin red black white

design spotlights black slopes duo

design spotlights black white yellow poster

design spotlights black white slopes

Design spotlights black white slopes close

design luminaires black white slopes rise variation

Designleuchtengelb grey

design spotlights black

design luminaires white China grey floor lamp

designer lights Lampenshirme Mint lemon raspberry

design luminaires white China Mint

design luminaires white China Mint horizontal

design luminaires white China Mint with blue

design luminaires white China hot yellow

design luminaires white China warm yellow with blue

design luminaires close white China hot yellow

design luminaires white China warm yellow against the Cabinet

design luminaires white yellow poster Escher

design luminaires close white grey

design luminaires white grey

design luminaires close white Orange Aurora wood

design luminaires white Orange Aurora wood table

design luminaires white Orange slopes duo table

designer lights white Orange slopes

designer light red white Lampenshirm

Source: http://www.lanebypost.com/

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