A Magical Setting With Lanterns – A Touch Of The Far East

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a magical setting with lanterns a dream in purple

A magical setting with lanterns

The paper lanterns come from China and then were disseminated in Japan where talented masters have produced the lanterns for the simple Japanese aesthetics. Isamu Noguchi was inspired by the lanterns made in Gifu and has designed a line of reduced design and modern forms, including the simple ball-shaped hanging lamp, in 1951. His Akari light sculptures series, which includes pendant lights, table lamps and floor lamps, has been well received and has been an icon of Midcentury design. Later one has begun producing Noguchi lanterns in China.

Paper lanterns have been never more popular than it is today. This is completely understandable, it is up to the simple, unpretentious and timeless design of this lamp. They are available in a variety of colors and sizes, and are so inexpensive that you can buy it for party decor.

3.6 meters in this contemporary Ranch House in California (built in 1962 and renovated recently) is ideal for large lanterns. In this ideal setup, it’s easy to understand why these lanterns were the Midcentury icons.

The Japanese simplicity and craft tradition, combined with modern design principles, resulting in a modernist and harmonic form

a magical setting with lanterns in series with plenty of daylight

This narrow hallway in a vacation home in Colorado is filled with a number of lanterns

a magical setting with lanterns In the narrow corridor

The look is similar to that of Moonlight on the water, which is not far from the original inspiration of Noguchi: itself up and down moving lights in fishing boats on the river.

The hanging lantern in this traditional Japanese tea room the difference between the lanterns, which have inspired Noguchi, and that helps us by him as accessible art to understand designed.

Noguchi took as a traditional lantern, has been reduced to the minimum the style and has refreshed him with non-traditional sizes and details

a magical setting with lanterns beams sisal floor Japanese style

A huge ball-shaped lantern with uneven ribs is invigorating in this eclectic bedroom in Vancouver with Apple green walls

a magical setting with lanterns Limefarbige walls coloured bedspread

A spherical paper lantern in this simple dining room in a Scandinavian style in Bristol complements the Midcentury chairs Arne Jacobsen of the same period

a magical setting with lanterns modern kitchen design IKEA style

A huge paper lantern with white Dining chairs is fresh and raised.

The look is simple, but delicate, easily accessible and matches the streamlined space in this Houston high-rise

a magical setting with lanterns white chairs, parquet and Raumhohe window

This contemporary loft in San Francisco with high ceilings is the perfect location for a bright and weightless yellow ball, whose softness out there contrary to the urban landscape.

By night the Office lights of skyscrapers and the floating lantern is a magical ensemble

a magical setting with lanterns eclectic big round side table

The high ceiling in this nursery in Miami is also the perfect place for round paper lanterns.

With a gimmick of heights, colors, and sizes, you can build a funny composition

a magical setting with lanterns of different sizes and colors

Here they brought a funny color in this informal room with the lanterns. So the seating area has become quite gratifying

a magical setting with lanterns sky blue and neon green with many patterns

Need an idea for party decor or you want to make it easy dramatic? Are not afraid of too many lanterns. The effect in this House in Los Angeles is almost a Moroccan market with rich colors, representing a sea of vibrant colors with the wallpaper and upholstery.

Colourful, festive atmosphere in the bedroom

a magical setting with lanterns Farbebfroh and gorgeous

A nice collection of large lanterns, hanging directly over the dining area in Georgia, the party set right tone

An magic ambience with stylish and festive orange coral red and purple lanterns

The baby’s room is the ideal place for tiny paper lanterns of different sizes.

It was made a gimmick with the points on the wall wallpaper

a magic atmosphere with understated nursery facilities Orange and white lanterns

This seating outdoors in a house in Culver City, California, was revived with spherical lanterns of different sizes.

The White is fresh and modern, and it is no surprise that the neighborhood here organise their parties

a magical setting with lanterns summer festival atmosphere In the courtyard

If you can afford it to you, I recommend the original by Noguchi. The manufacture of Akari pendant lights by Noguchi – and the entire light sculptures series took place only at Ozeki from 1951, and manufacture adheres lanterns strictly to the traditional technology for Japanese Gifu. You are hand-made from washi paper made from mulberry tree bark. The bamboo ribs are stretched with wooden forms and washi paper strip pasted on both sides of the border. Then, the internal wooden moulds are taken out. As a result, you get a flexible form of paper that can be packed for shipping.

The pendant luminaires have fitted with a Noguchi design, metal wire carrier and support system

a magical setting with lanterns from paper close-up

A perfect wedding decoration in Apple green and light blue with white flowers

a magical atmosphere with paper lanterns wedding arrangement

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