Aria And Avia: The Unique Pendant Lamps By Zaha Hadid

Editor   December 6, 2013   Comments Off on Aria And Avia: The Unique Pendant Lamps By Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid pendant lights in black and white

Get to know the fabulous pendant lamps by Zaha Hadid

The renowned architect Zaha Hadid has unveiled one of the most important furniture fairs in the world in Milan to your latest creations of ARIA and Avia on the Milan design week 2013 -. The two plastic pendant luminaires specifically issued Euroluce lighting fair and were good for the Italian brand Slamp review designed.

The ARIA is a pendant, the dramatic designed combined with the immanent weightlessness of the materials. You enchanted the observers as a sculpture of light and technology. The lamp consists of Cristalflex – a special transparent material developed Vivak ® and manufactured by Bayer. Cristalflex is shiny like glass, but still very light and hard-wearing.  ARIA has over 50 very thin layers of this modern designer material and looks so delicate and moving, as if she could fly right.

The light source inside this way also very Mystic veiled looks like

Zaha Hadid pendant lights ARIA dark

The Avia by Zaha Hadid is a bit different in character. The pendant looks slightly more robust and has a distinctive asymmetric shape. It was made in OPALFLEX ®. It is an exclusive, patented, and recyclable material, a mix of polymers and glass crystal. The material is used in Slamp very much, because it has the brilliance of Crystal and is very resistant and versatile. Zaha Hadid has set aside of which 52 layers for the Avia. Fluidity and harmony, dynamics are masterfully embodied in this fabulous pendant.

Avia pendant in white

Zaha Hadid pendant lights Avia white

An asymmetric luminous jellyfish

Zaha Hadid plastic and elegant

Unique Duet of Cristalflex ® and Opalflex ®

Zaha Hadid pendant lights duo

Odd and distinctive

Zaha Hadid pendant lights ARIA and Avia

Avia and Aria are available both in transparent black and white and the Avia is to order in four sizes. With the unique architectural light sculptures designed by Zaha Hadid, you can be sure to have found a stylish eye catcher.

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