As If From The Hereafter Here: Light Radiating Wallpaper Of Jonas Samson

Editor   March 29, 2013   Comments Off on As If From The Hereafter Here: Light Radiating Wallpaper Of Jonas Samson

light transmitted wallpaper designer project

As if came from beyond the grave: wallpaper beam of light by Jonas Samson

Here, we present a designer project – wall covering, which is one of the most fascinating, light emitting wallpaper designs. However, we can show us not indifferent. The designer Jonas Samson used his phosphorescent pigments, transparent layers and a light switch. The result is a patterned wall with a botanical print by external light sources. We are constantly amazed by the innovative new designs of Samson, who plays with the light and our expectations. Samson is internationally renowned for his work on the regular exhibitions at universities and airports all over the world. But not everything is fun; There is a reason for each choice he makes at work. Samson says: ‘ nothing I can do, is done, because it looks nice and beautiful. It must be a purpose for it, which transforms an authentic and beautiful-looking fabric in a really high-quality work of art.’ But apart from that – valuable or not the work of Samson is… really very, very good looking.

Unique luminous wallpaper – attractive designer Jonas Samson project

light transmitted wallpaper designer project flowers print

Element to home – wonderful ambience creating attractive, valuable decoration

light transmitted wallpaper designer project idea

Other variants – wallpapers, which diffuse light

light spreading wallpaper designer original light

Wallpaper luminescent variety of patterns and decorative elements-

light spreading wallpapers lighting designer project

Turquoise vibrant wallpaper from the Designer Studio

light spreading wallpaper turquoise light

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