Chandelier In The Bedroom – The Ultimate Night Light

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traditional bedroom design Hoch white headboard

Chandelier in the bedroom – the ultimate night light

Fun, flattering and maybe about Coquette, the chandelier is one of the strongest temptations in the world of design. So where can he fit better than in the bedroom?

The built-in lighting can be useful in many rooms. But the device can be reached a better and more intimate lighting. Says Suzy Treby from Treby chip Anedda interiors in Midland Park, New Jersey.

The chandeliers are particularly suitable for rooms with high ceilings. They tend to look down and hence appear more intimate space.

The chandelier often associated with traditional spaces. Actually, they are also suitable to connect with other styles.

The shaped device fits super in traditional areas, while in the modern equipment, the wilder and playful designs would be better. With so many styles on the market, there is no place left where you put not a matching chandelier might.

In addition to the clear light of chandeliers also provides an artful Aussagechandelier In the bedroom single bed fresh colors wall decoration

It can be considered in this case like a hanging sculpture. It can continue to serve as a focal point. The device must hang at least 2 metres above the ground. So, you will avoid accidents in particular.

The chandeliers are especially suitable in spaces with high ceilings

chandelier In the bedroom classic set up four-poster bed

Let the room appear less spacious and thus also a cozy and intimate.

The figure here shows a chandelier in the shape of a globe

chandelier In the bedroom classic elegant double bed headboard

He provides a traditional atmosphere and avoids but the hanging pieces. Thus, it fits wonderfully to the conventional ceiling in this room.

The chandeliers are by far not only for traditional rooms like I said

chandelier In the bedroom dark ambience table lamps bedding

A proof is the bedroom this Chicago High House apartments. It spread a subtle ambient light without distracting it from Outlook.

A black chandelier provides a modern twist on a new form. This is perfect for the Miami high-rise. The installation of the luminaire to the ceiling provides for the determination of the chandelier in the room and for a more modern look.

Against the background of the white ceiling, this white chandelier is almost sublime

Chandelier In the bedroom red silk pillow white headboard upholstery

But he still wonderfully fulfilled the task of bridging the space between the high ceiling, the headboard and curtains.

Chandelier is probably the last thing you would expect in this masculine space in Chicago’s bedroom

chandelier In the bedroom double bed Brown Wall design traditional

But this cut glass number takes the space a little bit of its severity. The atmosphere is soft and makes the room appear cozy.

Here the shaded chandelier fits the character of this Toronto-made to measure bedroom

chandelier In the bedroom comfortable double bed mattress bedding

In this New York City rooftop apartment the playful chandelier looks like a fireworks display over the minds of the people

chandelier In the bedroom shelves white furniture Union bed

For a boudoir bathing in glamour, nothing more appropriate can be than this exquisite chandelier

chandelier In the bedroom comfortable mattress yellow ambience walls

The sparkle of the chandelier here fits well with the sparkle of the water out

chandelier In the bedroom wallpaper nature environment dressing table Blau Holz

Thus it makes the naturally beautiful atmosphere, this New York City bedroom is still fabulous.

Crystal chandelier put Treby chip Anedda of interiors the ancient Baccard in one-bedroom in Manhattan (Cetral Park West)

chandelier In the bedroom striped walls flower pattern curtains nightstand

The device is delicate and her sparkling appearance fits well with traditional decoration and the high ceilings.

The chandelier can take many different forms

chandelier In the bedroom double bed Lounger Brown wardrobe mirror

Here we see rough nests of painted twigs and branches. These extend the effect of the wallpaper behind the bed and bring the forest subject to three-dimensional life.

Two additional options for Chandelier for your bedroom

chandelier In the bedroom ball wood rustic bulbs

Regina Andrews around jagged beaded chandelier

Note, that this chandelier instead of crystals has round pieces of wood?  I think that would be the perfect choice for a holiday, country house or children’s room. The distress of the metal surface lends the character of an Erbstückes. For people like me, who find the Crystal pieces too strict, the wooden replacement is just right.

Quadrali chandelier

chandelier In the bedroom square parts objectively practically

This chandelier will look wonderful in a force man living room. In connection with a bar or coffered ceiling, the effect will be fabulous. The design is a tribute to the arts and Kraft’s designs. The light is filtered through surface of Kropp and organza. As a result, it has a fluttering, soft light, which is ideal for the bedroom.

MIA machined Crystal bead chandelier

chandelier In the bedroom glass necklace original design

In this example there are twinkle. But the entire brightness emitted by the chandelier. So, the light is clear and somehow fitting for the bedroom.

Which room would you attach a chandelier according to the today’s presentation? Barely there, which you should avoid or?

We wish you continued light in your life.

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