Creative Lighting And Modern Chandeliers

Posted on Jul 17, 2014

creative lighting and modern chandelier lamp shade

Stunning light body and eye catching at the same time

The lighting is practical matter in most apartments, but it is much more than just that. The right lamp or lamp shade can lend a unique look all over the place, they are not only a great eye-catcher in the room.  And what we have put together is just that – light body, which serve not only as lamps, but also as pieces of art.

Apart from the fact that we you many DIY lamps and lighting designs have presented so far, not every one of us has a sharp eye, talent or expertise to create such eye-catcher itself. And there are a million different things, which can create the artists or have already created.

We know there are numerous, cool lamps designs on the market, that’s why you tell us if you notice anything similar on the net. Take a look at our thematic suggestions! Much fun!

Creative lighting and modern chandeliers

creative lighting and modern chandeliers art Arts

Sea animals as hanging lamps

creative lighting chandeliers original

Starry light

creative lighting and modern chandeliers aquarium fish

creative lights beautiful modern chandeliers blue ball old bike parts in a chandelier transformed

Bundle of cylinders

creative lighting and modern chandeliers bundle bottles

Ice cream

creative lighting and modern chandelier cream

First aunt Bessie tubes with mashed potatoes made it and now this ice cream lamps!  Even if you don’t like to spend your free time in the kitchen, this body of light without a doubt are kind of cool. Best of all, these are suitable for environmentally friendly CFL bulbs.

Magical light – ripple

creative setting up lights and modern chandeliers designer solution

The two design studios poetic lab and Stuido Shikai, who live in London, have won the report award in the year 2013. Ripple is a halogen bulb and shines through a rotating, hand blown glass Bell. The irregularity of the glass create swirling, wavelike patterns that rear shed light on the wall.

House Garden in a lamp shade

creative lighting and modern chandelier designs

Pendant lamp over the dining table

creative lights classic modern chandelier dining table lamp

Mushroom cloud lamp

creative lighting and modern chandeliers explosion

freestanding creative light modern chandeliers fishcreative lighting and modern chandeliers fish at night fish lamps

Light bulbs in the form of a brain

creative lighting chandelier style light bulb

The brain body of light designed by solovyovdesign use unsightly pipes of compact fluorescent lamps to a new purpose, by turning them into brain folds.

Brain light bulbs

creative lighting and modern chandeliers brain


creative lighting and modern chandeliers glass ideascreative lighting and modern chandeliers glass lamps at night

Sweet, colorful rubber bear

creative lighting and modern chandeliers rubber of bears

The designer Kevin Champeny has us most recently disclosed how he designed the round chandelier from acrylic-sour gummy bears. You sent him the following email – “I saw your chandelier in the net and I want one, but he seems to be too expensive. Would you tell me, how do I so a can even tinker? “Kevin has replied to an absolutely honest way -“Like I will share it, it is very easy”and he has created a list of necessary materials and instructions, also he has added a time-lapse video still.

creative lighting and modern chandeliers Haribo

Gourds lamps

Oriental creative light modern chandeliers catcher

Usually, we connect the pumpkins with autumn and the table decorations for Halloween. The pumpkin in green and orange decorating the baskets, the entrance stairs, porches and interior design. But Calabarte has transformed this DIY home decor in a great design element.

The fruits are dried by hand and covered with sources in the African and the Asian origination. Using cutters of different size has Calabarte through perfored patterns and lines in the pumpkin. The white pieces to create both – a decorative design and opacity.

creative lamps encrusted chandelier designs red light

Body of light – bulbs

creative lighting exhibition modern chandelier idea

Creative lighting and modern chandelier table

Fabulous night sky

creative lighting bright modern chandelier smart idea

Skull table lamp

creative lights head light bulb modern chandelier art creature

Like a hole in the wall

creative modern chandelier lights

Science fiction design

lights and modern chandeliers SconceDesigned by Naoki Ono and yuuki Yammamoto this Wall lamp will bring your wall decoration to another dimension. This lamp would be of benefit to such parents, who want to create a fabulous stroke in the nursery. If you are interested in but as a Bachelor on new designs, you surprise your girlfriend by mount this lamp in the living room and use as a night light during an evening of cinema.

creative lighting and modern chandelier nice

Open book creative lights open modern chandelier bedside book

The architect Max Gunawan designed a portable book-shaped lamp, which can be mistaken for a book cover. But once opened, shows up as a cloaked lamp in Lumio. This lamp is perfect for the modern home due to their flexibility and adaptability.

Lumio by Max Gunawan

lights contemporary chandelier round beautiful

Octopus Pendant luminaires

creative lamp sea theme modern chandelier of Octopuscreative lamp chandelier of Octopus at night

Starry hanging lamps

creative lamps chandelier designs light light star

Astro lamp

Designer chandeliers

Creative lighting and modern chandelier Bowl

Inspired by nature

Creative lighting and modern chandeliers marine animals

Like balloons filled with helium

Creative lighting and modern chandeliers simple designer

Haoshi means ‘all good things’ and yet these designers believe in. Designing fun and interesting items like these sweet balloon lamps, including the fleeting magic of childhood maybe. You say “we add about purity and peace to the interior design, by applying sophisticated, professional appearance, to represent the abstract in the life. The philosophy of life can be explained entirely by the Visual Arts”

Original table lamps

Creative lighting and modern chandelier table lamp

What do you get when one puts together a teddy bear and a table lamp? The teddy bear lamp of course! She is very cute by the artist Matthew Kinealy and combines a headless Teddy bear plush with a light bulb and a Lampshade as a head. She has a chubby body that keeps him from tipping over and has an efficient 12 volt light bulb with a black Lampshade covered. Such a lamp will look beautiful in the baby – and children’s room.

Designer chandelier – forest in the room

Creative lighting and modern chandeliers bedroom

Creative lighting and modern chandeliers forest

Lamp and speaker at the same time Creative lighting and modern chandeliers clouds

Art video

Elaborate storm cloud

Creative lighting and modern chandeliers cloud black

Exhibition in the white space

creative lighting and modern chandelier

The multidisciplinary Designer Richard Clarkson experimented with products, candles and pieces of furniture in studios that are located in your new and New Zealand.

“The Cloud” is an interactive light and a speaker system at the same time, both are designed to imitate a thunderstorm cloud. The lamp detects your presence and creates a unique lighting and a lightning show, which is dictated by your movement. The system has a strong speaker, from which you can play music. Color-changing lights add light glow and brightness to the designer. The cloud has alternative modes such as night light, for example.

Round chandelier made of mechanisms

creative light metal modern chandelier mechanisms

The old rule of thumb “Reduce, reuse, recycle” holding anyone can as a work of art out of nowhere finished. The great chandeliers are by the duo of Joe o’ Connell and Blessing Hancock created. The pair has created six chandeliers, each of which is made entirely from recycled bicycle parts. What makes this feat even more striking and choice look is its location and installation.

The round chandelier made of bicycle parts

Creative lighting and modern chandelier Zyklama

LED mushroom lamp

creative lighting and modern chandelier white lamps

These are the most beautiful desk lamps of ever! The Japanese designer Yukio Takano has created these lights by he has included synthetic mushrooms that look like real at a glance. Each light body is absolutely adorable and the battery is located in the wooden base. Is still for sale on the net.

Magic appearance

creative lamps chandelier designs light light mushroom

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