Design – Provide Lamps Cool Lighting At Home!

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lamps design floor lamp lamp shade green Chair

Selected luminaires

We all know every dark corner at home to brighten up the easiest way, is an original lamps design to place desire there. Many shapes, colors and dimensions and light call the lamps as eye-catcher in every home. The cleverly devised lighting design can complete the whole atmosphere in the home and improve the decoration. This gives the feel for Visual presence yet! Easily, you can find the here shown lamps on the net, so take a look at this and make your choice!

Lamps design
lamps design classics fused

It is not known when and where the first lamp was used, but one says lamps in Egypt, Greece and Rome were already known in the early middle ages. Maybe it sounds unbelievable, but scientists say they invented the first lamp 70,000 BC. Then man has used naturally occurring items – coconuts, MOSS filled with seashells, stones and others, which were soaked with animal fat and ignited.The first incandescent lamp is invented in England in 1809 by Humpry Davy. He has connected two wires to a battery and attached a charcoal strip between the other ends of the wires. 70 years later, in 1879 Edison invented a carbon filament, which has been burning for 40 hours. He has shown his thread in an oxygen-free lamp with classic shape.

Today, shine the lights longer, seem brighter and consume less energy than ever before. Also do look great and lovely!

Table lamp with extraordinary form

lamps table lamp design cool decorating idea

Table lamp – installation of light bulbs

lamps design bulb table lamps installation

Fascinated by nature, hanging wall lights

lamps of course design classic conspicuous hanging

Art tree – floor lamp with remarkable tree crown

lamps nature design classic Crown blue

A number of artistic pendant lamps

lamps design classics Blau Grün lamp shade

Geometric shapes – pure pieces

lamps design geometric shapes classic dark wall

Floor lamps with different, unique lamp shades

lamps design classic fairy lights

Playful, adjustable lamp

classic lamps design outlet funny

Hanging lamps, whose Glühbirnen are completed with waffle cups

lamps design classics waffle

Pure and striking

lamps Pur design classic wall white red

Funny table lamp, the lamp base has a body shape

lamps design body of light glow man

Wall decoration and lighting in one

lamps design wall decoration lamp shape wall

Lamp foot from river stones – Zen design

lamps Zen style design lamp foot River stones

Teddy bear as a lamp base

lamps plush design lamp foot Teddy bear

Creative lamp shades

lamps geometric components design minimalist wood

Urban, luminous installations

lamps Bechen design original idea

Surrealist light rope

lights design cable industrial

Industrial arc lamp with rigulierbarer Lichtstärkelamps bent design floor lamp modern

Floor lamp with character

lamps design character lamp sofa green

Light rope

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