DIY Lights From Cans – Rustic Charm And Rural Atmosphere

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shape lamps lamps table lamps can winter

Great homemade lanterns from tomato cans

Yes, from a thoroughly cleaned and good looking metal box, you can create a wonderful light. In this case it is left from the last tomato soup.

If you would like to check out the simple steps for the realization of this great DIY idea for home.

The basic idea is to attach some side holes later penetrates through which then the light. But of course everything will seem much nicer and individual if you make certain characters with these holes. For this purpose, also prepare a slide. So, you could get a second application.

You can wrap the paper around the metal box.   The holes could then be pierced with tungsten carbide needle. The risks to your health are not very large. After all, you should consider the use of gloves in consideration to avoid injury.

DIY lights from cans

DIY lamps lanterns table lamps cans crafts

Project most riskiest whats with this DIY, that the can could be pierced by the blows with the hammer and the hard metal needles. But there is a way to avoid this. You shouldn’t fill the dose with water and then become this ice. You observe that the ice has more volume (do not fill the dose up to the ceiling with water). If the ice is frozen, you begin to break through the holes carefully.

The pattern for DIY lights from cans

tinker lights lamps table lamps can guide

If you are looking for on the Internet, you will create many patterns for such DIY projects. Look at different, to decide on the most appropriate. You should here note the design of the ambience in which you want to integrate the images. If there about geometric figures prevail, then you may decide may be for those designing your lighting.

Also the size is to you and to the available materials. Look around so at home and in the yard and see where you could spice up the atmosphere in a great manner as a result. Then, the execution of the details of their own will invade you.

Purple-painted lamps and hanging lamps

DIY lanterns DIY lamps table lamps from cans painting

Table lamp with lamp shade made of metal box DIY lighting lanterns table lamps cans

Nature pattern at doses

DIY lighting off cans table lamps bulbs

Red and romantic

Lantern table lamp DIY lights from cans red

Hanging lights on the porch

DIY lighting lanterns table lamps can veranda

Themed Christmas decoration lanterns DIY lamps table lamps from cans glitter

Green and blue garden lanterns DIY lighting lanterns table lamps cans green

Light in the darkness

effective lights lamps table lamps cans dark

Heart-shaped pattern

DIY lamps table lamps from cans heart

Leaf pattern

shine lamps table lamps cans pattern

Painted pop

lamps garden lanterns table lamps cans diamonds

Abstract patterns

lanterns DIY lamps table lamps from cans at night

black light lamps table lamps can candles

Industrial and homemade lanterns table lamps cans metal DIY lights

Jolly Jack – pumpkins to Halloween Halloween lanterns DIY lamps table lamps from cans Orange

Garden lanterns in pastel colors

shine lamps table lamps cans pastels

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