Furnish With Light: To Create A Homely Atmosphere

Editor   September 9, 2016   Comments Off on Furnish With Light: To Create A Homely Atmosphere

Cool, comfortable, objectively: Lamps and lighting we can create special moods. Too much light hides uncomfortable, too little leaves us in the dark – an appropriate lighting to the room needs good planning! Read about what to look for, so that each room receives the desired and appropriate lighting, here.

Sense of well-being: Always a question of light

The lighting largely decides whether we feel in a room or not. Depending on the brightness, colour and contrast, light can produce completely different effects!

Indirect lighting for example provides a soft comfortable feel light. In working spaces, however, a bright and focused light is recommended. Ideally, the lighting design already during the construction or the renovation of the apartment is carried out. Then, you can make sure that electrical connections and Sockets there are right there where they are needed later. This eliminates unsightly extension cords running across the whole room or along a wall. The type of the light contributes to the atmosphere: ceiling lamps, for example, create a different mood than chandeliers or lamps for reading. An overview of lights are there on wohnlicht.com.


The mix makes it

Ideal lighting shall be considered to be a mixture of three different light sources. A balance of enables and contrasting Beleuchtungspielt in a crucial role! Almost always a functional and pleasant lighting atmosphere can be produced with a backlight, an accent light and, if required, a working light. Indirect light is very unobtrusive, but faster tire the eyes. Therefore it should always be combined with spot lights as for example lamps to work – the room appears particularly harmonious.


Tips for an optimal lighting design

A space without shadow looks uncomfortable and monotonous. Provide stronger and weaker illuminated areas, which creates change. With different light sources can be used deliberately and beautifully in scene spaces. Highlight selected details with light!
Make sure that the gaze falls anywhere head-on into a light source – all bulbs should be shielded.


Fotocredits: CC0 public domain / pixabay.com

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