Huge Designer Lamps In The Form Of Flowers

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Designer lamps on the Vallero square in Jerusalem

These whimsical, oversized flowers are actually giant street lights. You can see the original designer lamps on the Vallero square in Jerusalem. These were installed by HQ architects in the year 2014. The young, motivated team of architects from Tel Aviv has made is to achieve optimum functionality of buildings and installations with a modern design. The main objective of the project “Warde” was to refresh the slightly down received City area around the square in this particular case. The unusual flowers open their flowers if someone is nourished or if a tram at the station stops. On the day, the lights serve as stylish umbrellas, under which people can spend some time and gather new strength in the shadow.

Designer lamps are a sustainable, urban project

designer lamps Jerusalem innovative technology solar

This beautiful designer lamps are not only a genius, urban project, but also a sophisticated, technological creation. Huge flowers that are 9 x 9 m, are driven by a generator, which was hidden in the ground. Above, between the flowers and the stem, is an air compressor. The fresh air, which flows through a special opening into it, is then pumped through this compressor in the flowering edges in.

Simple and ingenious, or?

designer lamps Jerusalem street lights flowers

designer lamps Jerusalem street lights flowers innovative

The young professionals from HQ architects are also working on many other projects like modern youth centres, sustainable desert homes, futuristic kindergartens and many others. Strong social commitment and a high level of responsibility and professionalism are broadcast by each of these projects. Each individual object shows that beauty and joy of life can thrive even in difficult regions. You need not to lose the faith and repeatedly to seek light and peace. It may be that a couple of designers not resolve the problems of a city lights in the form of flowers. But still, you are among those small steps, we must make every day, just continue to come.

Street lamp and umbrella in one

Designer lamps Jerusalem flowers design red

Not a passer-by can remain here indifferent

designer lamps Jerusalem Israel Square Street lighting

The sleeping flowers are always awake if someone over does it

designer lamps Jerusalem smart street lighting flowers

As a result, the place was nicely spiced up and has become more comfortable

designer lamps Jerusalem street lighting flowers sunscreen

Now, more and more people spend their leisure time at the flower bulbs

Designer lamps Jerusalem street lights flower design