Industrial Style Living Room Lamp – 50 Ideas On How To Stage Industrial Lighting

The industrial style has something specific about it, so it fascinates in its own way. Especially in the living room!… But designing a whole room industrially is sometimes not possible… That’s why you prefer to use small accents in this style to give the living area a few unique strokes. Industrial lamps are a great accent in the living room. Let yourself be fascinated by the following examples and get inspired by how you stage industrial lamps…

Modern living rooms look great in industrial style!

Living room lamp industrial hanging lamps and wall design concrete look

The living room lamp in the eye-catcher

The lighting in the living room gives great attention. It is a must to keep the space and design of the living room lamps in good time, so you plan the living room lighting in advance.

In most cases a simple lighting concept is not possible in modern and functional living space.

The ceiling light or the chandelier would usually have to be supplemented by other lighting fixtures, if you aim for a nice indoor climate. So you can not do without a suitable secondary lighting. But in terms of style, there are numerous ways to illuminate the living area uniquely and create a spectacular interior design. Depending on whether you choose vintage lamps or country-style lamps, you create a sense of space.

If you like industrial lamps, you have a huge choice available

living lamp industrial style dark shades

Industrial lights give the living room its own character

The coarse, large, steel-made lights were originally used in factories and large factories to illuminate the work process. But their charm does not go unnoticed and today they are also very popular in modern interior design. Their sturdy appearance also creates a peculiar look in the contemporary living room.

These, which rely on an exceptional living area, will make no mistake with the inclusion of industrial living room lamps. As well as in modern, as well as in classic interiors, an industrial lamp is great.

Industrial lamps complement the entire living room look

living room lamp industrial decor brown carpeting

Create authentic industrial ambience

Living room lamp industrial living room in neutral colors

As a rule, factory lamps are made of steel and aluminum. A combination of materials is also possible, and the use of screws and hinges gives the lamp its typical industrial look. The modern industrial lights come in so many colors that everyone can easily find it. Creamy white, black or even red this can be.

Industrial pendant lights

Hanging lamps are the easiest way to enhance an industrial living room look. The jumble of designs makes unique interiors possible. After all, industrial pendant luminaires are not simply lamps but attractive elements in the interior design.

Industrial lighting is wonderfully combined with a leather sofa

living room lamp industrial hanging lamps brown leather sofa round carpet

Wall lamps in industrial style

But even as sconces, industrial lamps can appear in the modern living room. With a matching design, these practical functions fulfill and often turn into real eye-catchers.

A black wall lamp is beautifully designed in a green interior

Living room lamp industrial wall lamp black

Illuminate individual areas with floor lamps

The industrial floor lamps are a good solution for the recreational area. You can choose a design that harmonizes with the other interior elements, but could also create impressive effects by a striking industrial lamp in the room.

Put accents in black

Living room lamp industrial floor lamp for recreation

Robust and practical, the industrial lamps are a great way to spice up your living space. Combine several industrial-style lighting fixtures and create a living room to admire!

Industrial living room in typical shades

living room lamp modern living room with industrial lights

On a wall in concrete look, this industrial lamp is great

Living room lamp fancy floor lamp in industrial living area

Functional lighting in industrial style, which captivates the eyes

Living room lighting with industrial elements
Living room lamp lighting in industrial style
living room lamp focused light
Living room lamp hanging lamp black and flooring wood look

Living room lamp in industrial style open plan
Living room lamp industrial hanging lamps
Living room lamp industrial hanging lamps
Living room lamp Industrial hanging lamps have a peculiar look
Living room lamp industrial lamps illuminate the modern living room
living room lamp industrial lamps give the room its own charm
living room lamp industrial living room with wall sconces and floor lamp
living room lamp industrial style brick wall pallet furniture
Living room lamp industrial floor lamp modern living wall with plenty of storage space
industrial lamp fancy hanging lamps in the modern living room
Industrial lamp recreation area with industrial-style lighting
industrial lamp in living room brick wall and felled carpet
industrial lamp industrial hanging signs in the living room
industrial lamp living room living room for a modern lighting
industrial lamp living room lighting ideas
industrial lamp living room dining area light
living room lamp fancy hanging lamps and black leather sofa
Living room lamp fascinating industrial lamps
living room lamp in industrial style fancy wall design
Living room lamp industrial hanging lamps in open living area
Living room lamp industrial floor lamp in black
living room lamp industrial floor lamp oval carpet round coffee table
Living room lamp industrial floor lamp and plants
Living room lamp industrial floor lamp and many throw pillows
living room lamp industrial wall shelves and lights
Living room lamp industrial and trendy
living lamp modern floor lamp in red industrial
Living room lamps industrial chandelier and gray elements
Living room lamp rustic industrial hanging lamp
Living room lamp fancy floor lamp in industrial style
Living room lamp industrial wall sconce
Living room lamp industrial and cozy
living room lamp industrial residential area in gray tones
Living room lamp modern industrial hanging lamps
living room lamp modern living area with industrial lighting
living room lamp accents set by the lighting
Living room lamp floor lamp in industrial style