Innovative Ceiling Lamp In The Form Of One Helium Balloon

Editor   December 18, 2014   Comments Off on Innovative Ceiling Lamp In The Form Of One Helium Balloon

ceiling lamp helium balloon wall sconces

Ceiling like a helium balloon

This beautiful lamp collection designed by the designer Boris Klimek for the Czech company of Brokis. Especially if you are looking for a particular and original ceiling lamp, these pendants will fascinate you. These look exactly like Hellium balloons and can be in different sizes and colors combine. It comes even as wall lamps. The lamps consist of triplex glass and are shiny polished. Adjust to any modern body, especially to the minimalist style.

To on and the light is switched off, you need to pull on the cord and you’re done. So can any number of ceiling lights have. These ceiling lights are so stylish and discreet that you will very well fit to your Office. If you work with customers, they will be fascinated.

Open living plan with wonderful panoramic view

ceiling helium balloon living room

Minimalist living room with Hellium balloons

ceiling helium balloon of minimalist interior

In the bedroom ceiling lights look just as elegant

ceiling helium balloon bedroom

Stylish combination of red and white

ceiling helium balloon red white

Mixed bag on grey background

ceiling helium balloon stained

Neon Green and white looks refreshing

ceiling helium balloon Grün Weiß

Different colors and sizes

ceiling helium balloon white grey yellow

Festive in the dark

ceiling helium balloon wall lamps

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