Japanese Lantern – Fabulous Charm And Diversity

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Japanese Lantern coloured designs

The magical charm of Japanese Lantern

The Japanese lantern is a typical accessory of the applied arts in the far East. She has a magical charm about it. But at the same time she has the great ability to write fabulous in the overall landscape and whose great properties appear even more effective.

The diversity within the Japanese lamps

Japanese Lantern coloured designs

What many people do not know is what gives for a super great variety within the Japanese lamps. They call each Yukimi, Oribe, Kasuga, Iamadoro, Oki.

The construction of the Japanese Lantern includes some main elements. One has a stone base, support, stand for the light camera, the actual camera, a blanket and a bit.

About the history of the Japanese Lantern

Japanese Lantern pink tree crown

Like many other things in the history of Japan, the Japanese lamps were first manufactured by the Chinese. It is surprising for most people to find out what were their precursors. These were the typical vessels, in which it has prepared meat. The latter have experienced some sort of revolution, until they then become vessels for cooking herbs and then lamps.

Romantic and longed

Japanese Lantern water wishes

In contrast to the Chinese, the Japanese lamp has been established from stone and not made of metal. The ritual vessels, which were positioned in front of the Buddha-figure were their prototype.

They have been used previously be the flanking of the route to the temple. The Japanese lamps got their actual distribution but in the so-called Muromachi period, in which the traditions of the tea ceremony develop have.

The different types of Japanese lamps

Japanese lantern light bulbs form

Japanese lanterns in the form of light bulbs

bulbs Japanese Lantern original design idea

Let now the various types of Japanese lamps after another look at one and discover the deeper meaning behind it. Yukimi was meant for enjoying the snow. Its ceiling is purposely flat. To be thus the melting of snows happen slower. So it has managed to extend the enjoyment of the beautiful winter view. It has been estimated high in regions where snowfall is a rare phenomenon.  The fir trees and mosses have been surrounded by such lamps in the garden. More striking fashion accessories are rocks, which rise to great water sources. People are fascinated mostly by their gorgeous mirror appearance.

Floor lamps in metal structure

Japanese Lantern structure metal

The Japanese lamp of the kind Oribe was named after its master. According to the legend, he has lived in a Japanese monastery in the 16th century. From historical point of view, he called this Tokugawa shogunate. At that time, Japan was isolated from the rest of the world. It has forbidden all faiths other than Shinto and Buddhism. The ban also applied to Christianity. However, Oribe was still a Christian. A masked manner, he positioned a cross at the bottom of the lamp. We covered this zone usually with plants. Oribe has been used in tea ceremonies. Usually, he found himself next to a jug from which it gave a tea.

According to the custom, you should tend towards the casting tank. This Act has aroused no suspicion at all. But actually Oribe has inclined to is thus the God.

Japanese lantern of the kind Kasuga

Japanese Lantern corners

This Japanese lamp is a decorative element. It is positioned opposite the entrance or on other open place. Putting this Lantern as a kind of centre of the Japanese garden. Japanese lamps have this kind of a hexagonal ceiling with corners bent upwards. This type of design is typical for China and southern Japan.

The traditional Kasuga

exotic hanging Japan Lantern


Japanese Lantern stone

The Japanese Lantern Iamadoro was created out of roughly hewn stones. It has an asymmetrical shape. It is up to one metre high and covered with MOSS. For this to happen, they are positioned in very damp places in the garden. The Chamber has only a round hole. Putting it in dark and damp places in the garden.

Oki is the smallest whose Japanese lamps. It has also a clear specific position in the garden. Placing them on the gravel edges of water sources or on the shore of little lake. This Japanese lamp must be not higher than 40 cm. Some of the design elements are missing.

Very simple and empty Japanese Lantern Red Wall decoration

Lamp designers from Japan

Japanese Lantern round designs

Natural shape and clean lines

Japanese Lantern designs

Garishly bright Japanese Lantern exotic designs

Oval form with floral decorated

Japanese Lantern exotic Zen

Round lanterns on the window

Japanese Lantern window

Three ball lamp shade Japanese Lantern hanging lamps

The traditional lanterns before the facade

Japanese Lantern hanging

Golden Surfaces

Japanese Lantern Golden surfaces

Worn and old, but correctly select

Japanese lantern light

A number of Kasuga lamps

Japanese Lantern specifically traditionally

Lights for outdoor use

Japanese Lantern art

Typical pieces in public

Japanese Lantern lamps

Traditional designs from Japan

Japanese Lantern red round

Striking design for Visual effect Japanese Lantern white red screen

A ceiling lamps

Japanese Lantern stylish

Modern and adequate

Japanese Lantern table lamp

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