Lamp Trends 2017: According To The Current Trends Plan Room Lighting

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What are the current trends of the lamp?

Light is a key element in the interior design. The lighter work rooms, the atmosphere is more friendly. Therefore, the lighting design in the home begins when building a House if doors and Windows are planned to allow as much natural light into the rooms fall into. In addition, the lighting is a crucial aspect that shows the home on dark days, as well as in the evening in pleasant light. For this reason the luminaire manufacturers regularly develop innovations to make the lighting possibilities even more diverse.

lamp trends 2017 lighting lamps design room lighting

Perfect fusion between benefits and design

Depending on the type of lamp use either these for direct or indirect lighting. In the past few years LED strips and under-Cabinet luminaires have become popular, that at the base of the kitchen, stairs, beams, or cabinets for attractive lighting accents.

At the same time, they put the space or the lit furniture pieces impressively in scene.In contrast, pendant luminaires, light for a workplace, allow specifically to draw the kitchen or the dining room table. These have become always simple in the recent past, so that in trend-oriented apartment often lights can be seen, which consist only of a stylish “light bulb”. This is not really the classic light bulb, but it mimics only their Birnenfirm. This trend continues 2017 with minimalist table and pendant luminaires, which are also only a decorative version and a light source. The designs range from wood using colored plastic to shiny metal. The lighting is thus not only the purpose to provide light, but underline also the furnishing style or add extraordinary accents that make individual home.

Nature meets science fiction

A trend that already determines the furniture designs is the orientation of natural forms and materials. Therefore, luminaires in the trend, which have organic designs and, for example, reminiscent of jellyfish or branches be 2017. The design is dominated by therefore wood, linen, cotton and stone, as well as floral pattern of flowers or leaves. Also, the use of substances has the effect that the translucent light works very gently. This makes these luminaires especially for the comfortable lighting of living room suited. Concrete also still plays an important role. The material with his rough charisma is to find popular, as well as in kitchens in the form of work surfaces for some time for the wall – and floor design. Concrete underlines the ever more popular industrial style to perfection. Therefore interior designers use it long for home accessories such as vases and bowls and even for lighting.

Light confronts this lamp trends inspired by nature, which could have come from science fiction movies and reminiscent of flying saucers or space ships. They have hardly any resemblance to a lamp in the conventional sense. Instead, they resemble more sculptures and can turn out to be the decorative art object, which is a special eye-catcher in the living room. These consist primarily of metal, futuristic lamps are also implemented from glass, porcelain, acrylic and Plexiglas.

lamp trends 2017 floor lamps lamps design room lighting

It is colourful

From yellow to pink to petrol and pine green – lighting designers have used for the trends 2017 vigorously the color palette. The color is striking, the design remains typically cautious. So, accents you engaging in simply furnished rooms can use and create an individual flair. In addition, trendy colors fit ideally to the retro-look. Designer lamps, which implement the typical look more authentic when compared to competitive models are recommended. These are available from specialized dealers, for example here. The high-quality workmanship makes noble, the colored lights so that they can have extraordinary effect perfectly.

Grey and yellow are combined, to bring harmony in the colour scheme. The neutrality of the subtle grey complemented harmoniously as well by coral. In this way, the color combinations for modern and minimalist interior design styles are suitable.If you like it less colorful, you can choose in the coming year for lights in pastel colors. These are the perfect complement to the popular Shabby Chic, who lives next to vintage designs of soft tones.In your home you provide fresh wind with shades of blue, ranging up to an intense Royal Blue 2017 from soft sky blue. Mixtures of the various shades of blue, which are realized at some lights as appealing gradient are also announced.

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