Light Planning And Modern Lighting Make The Interior Design Really Comfortable!

Light planning is everything!

Only with the right light planning do you make the home really comfortable! If you plan the lighting properly, bring not only the necessary amount of light into your apartment, but also comfort and beautiful appearance. In the first place is the pleasant well-being at home, but wonderful accents could be put by the light as well. Having knowledge in this area is highly recommended!

A successful interior design is based on well-lit lighting. The key to successful room design is lighting planning in advance. Since lighting is a direct influence on our well-being, one should take enough time and design a clear lighting strategy. Depending on the design concept, different lighting types are selected and often these are combined. It is a must to pay attention to functionality and efficiency. On You will find a rich selection of ideas and possibilities for residential lighting.

Light planning modern living room with stale lamp

Highlight the individual areas in the room

Every room design is quite individual and it is difficult to say which is the best lighting for example for the living room or bedroom. However, certain rules for clever room lighting should be considered. Flooring, wall and ceiling paints, furniture and daylight incidents are important criteria in lighting planning. A lighting planning requires in advance the functions of the space to determine The appropriate lighting to realize. Because each room usually consists of several areas and these require different light. Consider carefully where you watch TV, read a book, or fulfill your professional duties.

Light planning in the living room modern interiors and unusual lighting fixtures

What types of lighting are there?

In terms of lighting, there are some terms that you should know. In general, one distinguishes between direct and indirect light. What is the difference? If the light from the ceiling or walls is reflected, it is about indirect light. Floodlights and LED strips are lamps that provide indirect light. In the case of direct lighting, on the other hand, the light is directed directly onto the surface, which must be illuminated. Desk lamps and dining table lamps emit such light.

General lighting

The general lighting illuminates the entire room. It is recommended that general lighting, still basic and primary lighting, be adjusted to the size of the room. In slightly larger rooms, you should consider several ceiling connections, or you may also plan a pre-installation light. It is important that no shadows are formed.

Lighting design in the living room lamp design traditional and stylish

secondary lighting

But if you want to create a certain atmosphere in the room, then it is about secondary lighting.

  • accent lighting : Accent lighting does not illuminate the room, but only sets accents. Therefore the secondary lighting is also described as accent lighting. If you want to illuminate a dark corner or focus attention on a particular image or on the whole wall, then you need special lighting for it. A wall lamp or floor lamp is perfect in this case.
  • Backlight : The background lighting belongs to the secondary lighting. If you want to create light in a single area of ​​the room, then you speak of mood lighting. For example, a nice reading corner can be created in the living room.

Functional light and orientation light

When one speaks of the directional light, then such lamps are used, which serve for certain purposes, for example, to illuminate the workplace. Ceiling lights with motion detectors also provide functional lighting. But also somewhat dampened the light could be and only the orientation in a dark room facilitate. In this case, it is logically a question of orientation light. In this way, for example, the stairwell and the hallway are illuminated.

Light planning in the dining room pompöser chandelier and stylish wall lights

The design

In modern interior design lamps are not simply light sources. The lighting elements are trendy and functional: one provides both light and highlights. In this sense, it is of great importance to select which luminaires are suitable for the individual rooms. If you are aware of how you want to divide and shape the space, then it is the turn, the right one lamp design to choose. The design of the lighting bodies is a huge value. Floor lamps and bow lights appear as an excellent decoration. Especially floor and floor lamps are highly interesting designer solutions. Wall and floor lamps fascinate with a modern look. In the case of spotlights, LED, recessed and office luminaires, on the other hand, the design is more and more in the background in favor of functionality. But, of course, luminaires should be enrolled in the interior. Do you need a pompous chandelier or rather such a one that would rather remain unnoticed? Innovative luminaires with high productivity and environmentally friendly design are also available to create a modern home.

Living room with different lamps and strip carpets

Choose the right lighting for the home? With due regard for the fact that this is a very subjective concept, we hope to have helped with our a few tips to find a suitable lighting for the apartment! Of course your personal requirements, needs and preferences play a key role. Because it is very important to illuminate your own home in the best possible way in order to feel good there!…