Light Source Today: Trends And Opportunities

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bulbs trends Innovetive lighting ideas

Today’s light bulbs

With the de facto ban of conventional incandescent light bulbs by the EU for several years, lamp owners face the problem that they are now in a variety of ways which need to find most suitable for them. The classic response to the retailers to purchase a ’60s pear”, was now replaced by conversion tables for wattage, other modes and different types of construction, providing not only all different light temperatures but often other response times. To keep track, in this jungle of light sources can be difficult. Therefore, in the following the most important trends and opportunities in direct comparison. And one advance: completely dead by the way is the old bulb still not long ago.

Innovative lighting ideas

lighting ideas innovative lamps pendant lamps

bulbs trends lighting ideas Innovetive options

lighting ideas led bulb light bulb

Workings in the overview

The available today on the market lamps for home use vary not only according to the connection types such as thread, bayonet, or socket, but also partially are considerably different from the way, which can be broadly classified into three categories of upper:

Incandescent lamps contain an electrical conductor, the current flows, thereby heating it and stimulates glow inside.
Gas discharge lamps consist of a gas-filled vitreous and an anode and a cathode. Is a voltage is passed through it, ionizes the gas and emits light. This includes for example the fluorescent lamp.
LEDs are semiconductor elements, they eagerly loaded, that excites electrons inside hiking – light.

lighting ideas led lamps pendant lamps

lighting ideas led bulbs energy saving lamp

The trends for House and home

(1) halogen light bulbs

The so-called eco-halogen light bulbs are a close relative of the old light bulb. However, they have several advantages: among other things, they are much more energy-efficient. They also should be banned Europe Decree soon – but is not yetsure. There are a filament made of tungsten and a halogen gas-filling in the halogen lamp. Today, usually gaseous iodine is used for this. The light turns on, the wire begins to glow – until here the same function as in a light bulb. However, the temperature of the filament start a reaction of the IODs with tungsten atoms, producing a very bright, white light. Without the iodine, a so compact glass body by the raised tungsten atoms would be very quickly shod and blind. Because the halogen but prevents this reaction, tungsten-halogen lamps can be much more compact than conventional incandescent lamps. They are in the House primarily for smaller, their lamps as well as spots and reading lights. In addition they are used wherever applications where constant, always the same bright light in the same temperature is required in the flash photography.

lighting Photo Studio led bulb

(2) installed

The installed designated by the skilled person as a “compact fluorescent lamp” are the real successor to the light bulb, because they fill most of the roles that previously was taken over by the light bulb, today about the living room lighting. The backseat is among the low pressure mercury lamps the discharge lamps, specifically. It is so related to some degree with the fluorescent lamp, which even today still millions hang in offices. So she comes to similar dimensions as a light bulb, the glass body of the energy-saving lamp as a spiral is performed. Mercury is located in it. Is given by the light switches voltage to the lamp now, a ballast in the base first heats the cathodes. These are hot enough, evaporates the mercury, ionized, and finally ignites.

In this long line of the function is also the reason why the compact lamps need usually some time until they reach their full brightness. In the House, this is especially annoying when fast bright light is needed on stairs. However, have a much higher light output than the light bulb energy saver and can be produced also in a wide range of colour temperatures. Either they shine so rather bluish white and thus felt cold or reddish and thus warmer. A special feature reduces the areas of use of the installed however: at ambient temperatures below 15 ° C the light output decreases rapidly, while lengthening the start-up phase. As outdoor lamp, with motion detectors, they are therefore rather less are suitable. And also the lamps when damage can be to the health risk. Then escapes the mercury, which is highly toxic. Not least for this reason (and not just visually appealing open lamp shape), the backseat for many rather is a kind of “unloved stepchild,” which is only used because there is no light bulbs. Because of their function, the lamps in addition under circumstances give high frequency noises, unpleasant perceived by humans as “Tweeting”.

lighting bulbs led bulbs energy efficient

(3) LED lamps

Stampede of in recent years is called light-emitting diode and mentioned shortly in its functioning. The big advantage of the LED is that it generates virtually no heat glow. This is due to the fact that the light-emitting diode with an extremely high degree of efficiency compared to the other light sources working: almost all energy that is supplied to you, converts to the LED light. This means that she needed much less energy for the same light output as a light bulb. Conversely modern but also sure that a lot more light output can be produced with the same voltage LEDs. The first LED lights had the major disadvantage that they produced a high percentage of blue cold light. Worked this little cosy rooms which were illuminated with light-emitting diodes.

Now has the industry but the opportunity to build even LEDs with different colour temperatures so that she is almost fully suitable for the interior lighting. However: Real daylight lamps, such as the portal Bürohstuhl24 for lighting offices, you may wantin the LED sector still does not exist. For this, but no toxic substances such as mercury are installed in it. By the way: Now how a frosted glass light bulb look and are so constructed that they also radiate in all directions give it also LED lights, of the form that. Only professionals can make a real difference. However, that has LED other problems: it is virtually impossible to make larger series of lamps with exactly the same color temperature. In the House that can cause multiple arm of lights and light bulbs, that is infectious LEDs will light all in a different color. Who wants to avoid that, should ensure that all diode luminaires used come from the same series (seen mostly on the batch number on the carton).

led light bulb lamps

(4) lighting tubes

The classic fluorescent lamp is in the vernacular also called neon tube, although both forms of lamp work slightly differently: the fluorescent lamp is different inert gases of argon and helium but not neon filled with (depending on the gas the light temperature changes). Is this gas now with voltage applied, lit it. However in the ultraviolet range invisible to the human eye. The glass of the fluorescent tubes is therefore inside coated with a fluorescent, which transforms the light and makes it visible. The gas Neon is in the real tube. This has the advantage that it radiates from itself in the visible range – however, the neon tube produces a reddish orange hue. Therefore fluorescent lamps with a different gas filling must be used for daylight lamps. Because both types are little elegant, they are suitable in particular for indirect lighting of spaces behind panels. However, since the tubes can get paid in full, because usually they reach quite long lasting, so that a replacement is only rarely necessary. However, they produce heat, so care must be taken when mounting and placement also.

lighting ideas led bulbs led lamps

(5) special light bulbs

Even if it is actually forbidden by the EU and other countries, there are they actually still, the good old light bulb. In the form of so-called special light bulbs. These include regular light bulbs with a length exceeding 60 mm that thicker glass and sheathed filaments are particularly shock-resistant and therefore actually are intended for special areas such as construction sites. However: This loophole was exploited by many EU citizens so that Brussels responded. February 2016 the lamps may be sold legal (they are mainly in hardware stores) after shock and vibration resistance no longer as special criteria apply. However: As special heating lamps for terrariums, nesting boxes and so on, as well as light sources for (DIA) projectors remains for stubborn incandescent fans continue to a tiny loophole legislation open – also if it is nearly completely superfluous for lighting purposes thanks to the progress made in the other lamp designs, because even the color temperature of the light of other luminaires can be generated.

lamps and light led bulbs simple pendant lights

What for what?

In view of the fact that a complete nuclear power plant can be saved if in Germany no bulbs are more used, can be highly recommended only, for all applications to restrict the other illuminants. Especially the energy saving lamp has admitted their teething behind in recent years and is now a full fledged light source which is no longer stood by the life. When it comes to maximum yield with minimum power consumption, the light-emitting diode should be used. And where is the light temperature and brightness of meaning, will find space for the halogen bulb. And last but not least also the fluorescent tube still has its raison d ‘ être in indirect lighting behind panels or in the visible variation as a stark contrast in fire-red or sapphire blue. In addition the tube may illuminate but also anywhere there, where it arrives only in good light and not on Optics: in basement and other uninhabited premises.

led bulb lamps and fixtures

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