Neon Lighting In The Kitchen – 12 Original Ideas For Your Kitchen

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neon lighting In the kitchen gleaming kitchen countertop

Neon lighting in the kitchen – 12 original ideas

“Neon lights, shimmering neon lights and at the Nachtfall, this kitchen will consist only of light”… Before you begin to wonder why I start the article with a song from 1978, let explain myself! Today’s post explores the radiant world of neon lighting in the kitchen. Some say that this room is the heart of the home. So why should we give him not a fluorescent glow?

Neon lighting in the kitchen bar area

neon lighting In the kitchen glasses wine blue

Blue is one of the most popular colors when it comes to neon lighting in the kitchen, shown above at one of Ayelet Designs created area. This radiant hue is color-rich without being corny, is mysterious without being scary and is classy without being cramped. But don’t think that all neon kitchens on a colour are limited. White, green and even red occur when you least expect it! Check out below the pictures themselves for more great ideas, how you can integrate in your kitchen “shimmering neon lights”…

Neon light at the kitchen bar

We begin with the presentation of the neon lighting, which brightens the kitchen bars and Islands. In fact, many people yearn for the day when they can finally have a kitchen with cooking island. For those who like a little more space for food preparation? Why, some lighting beneath the surface helps to highlight the culinary bar below. [Photo by Raj MacLeod for time Corboy]

Blue neon lighting in a modern kitchen

A small neon light goes a long way… The kitchen bar of the brightest blue light is flooded then presented room. This subtle exposure corresponds to the blue glass bowl on a nearby shelf. [designed by the same time Corboy]

Neon lighting under the kitchen bar

neon Beleuchtungim kitchen range bar stool pendants

It is certainly bright, if the sides of a kitchen bar or island are lit. But what about the bottom? That’s exactly what you get down in the kitchen bar. This space is designed by blueprint design, which have placed value on this crucial space in the apartment to make a really inviting and cosy place. Red bar stools, which are overrun by bright white light, which is an excellent place to begin…

Neon lighting underneath the kitchen bar

neon lighting In the kitchen area of indirect lights

Neon lighting under kitchen cabinets

Neon lighting is impressive also on the underside of the cabinets, as shown with this in 2011, award-winning cuisine, which was designed by time Corboy. As you can see, an appropriate choice for the lighting is blue, especially since it also good complements azure evening views of the expansive Windows and sliding doors of the House…

Neon lighting under cabinets in a modern kitchen

neon lighting In the kitchen worktop hob

Blue-Green is a perfect shade for the luminous space below. A lighting under the kitchen front can fluoresce Splash Guard, helping to set the color palette in the rest of the House. We are excited about the combination of Turquoise green lighting with the piercing out red coffee table in the adjacent living room. [by Laura U interior design]

A bright green neon lighting in a modern kitchen

neon lighting In the kitchen red table sofa pillow

We can’t take away our eyes from the neon grazing light on the next screen, which serves as the most important feature in this kitchen designed by Toby Zack. An interesting choice for this ultra bright space is white. Sometimes the right way is the monochromacity, don’t you think? [Photo by Dan Forer]

Grazing lighting for the cupboard in the kitchen

neon lighting In the minimalist kitchen design

Neon lighting where you least expect it

Now we turn our attention to the neon lighting, who shows up where you least expect them. In fact, sometimes the best way is a neon lighting in a room to add, to have them starting from a nearby source. A neon lighting under the stairs gives life to this modern kitchen in the next picture. Blue is the perfect choice for a room that is bathed in warm Golden tones. [by 186 lighting design group]

Neon lighting under the stairs

neon lighting In the kitchen area of dark ambience

A Cove Lighting is invisible and it works so that emanates the light from a mysterious source. This Toronto kitchen has a small light Cove, which seems to come from the top of the cabinets or perhaps even from the next room. The effect: a hidden treasure, plays a key role in the design of the existing kitchen. [by Peter A. Sellar – architectural photographer]

Blue neon lighting in the kitchen

neon lighting In the kitchen area of dark lemon orange

Neon lighting from the ceiling

When we speak of Cove Lighting, the blue light in this colorful kitchen, the cabinets of mal Corboy in the foreground provides an important accent in the main areas, is. Such a place: high on the wall close to the ceiling. The effect: the production of a blue outline, which will complement the pink cabinets to create a unique colorful room. [by mega builders]  

Modern neon lighting in the kitchen

neon lighting In kitchens modern feminine stained

There is nothing that resembles a neon lighting on the ceiling! Not only that they appear neon lights that illuminate the kitchen in the next picture, the white and blue LEDs in the dining area. Note how the white walls and cabinets really allow the blue accents, to shine in this modern room. . [by Minimalisti]

LED neon lighting in the kitchen

neon lighting In the kitchen area blue reflecting

We conclude with a room that brings the neon lighting to the next level. With Cove Lighting, emanating from the ceiling! And not with any color – but with red. Red is bright, bold and unforgettable. Would you expect anything less in this kitchen by K cabinets that indicates with a powerful combination of bright red and earth tones?

Red neon lighting in the kitchen

neon lighting In the kitchen red color

You interested to install a little neon light in your kitchen? What color would you choose? Blue?  White?  Green? Red?  A different color? Share with your thoughts us by leave a comment below…

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