Oriental Lamps That Improve Your Quality Of Life

When we speak of the Orient, we mostly associate the theme with old traditions, sensuality, playful patterns, rich colors, charming melodies and exotic aromas. They all tell stories and carry their meanings with them through the world. There is hardly anyone who does not know the tales from 1001 nights or who has not felt more or less attracted to the Mystic East. A small touch of Orient in the modern interior of the West creates a pleasant mixture of fresh contrasts.

Organic design and natural colors of the Orient

Oriental lamps pendant light brown

Oriental lamps decorative thrown lamps colorful

The lamps from the Orient are not produced in mass

Oriental lamps brass

Colorful glasses and filigree handwork are a landmark of the oriental accessories

Oriental lamps metal noble colorful glass

Oriental lamps- a noble brooch in the modern interior

What do you think of some Oriental warmth during the dark winter time? You do not have to leave the city. Oriental lamps in various variations will not only illuminate your home. They bring magic and warmth to every room. You will also be a real eye-catcher and will change the character of your home. The oriental lamps and lanterns are not only remarkable for their exotic appearance. Handwork, especially in Moroccan Lamps and lanterns Makes each luminaire unique. Whether they are leather or iron, engraved or painted with henna, each oriental lamp has its own beauty.

Despite the many details, a balance is strived for

Oriental lamps decorative thrown lamps colorful

The light shines through the masterly ornamentation

Oriental lamps morocco black shearing cut

The light and shadow play is guaranteed

Oriental lamps pendelleuchten

Whether made of brass, nickel or iron – the processing works naturally

Oriental lamps silver engraving

The light games are stimulating for the imagination

Oriental lamps scandinavian morocco

Both the lamps and the lanterns create a magnificent light and shadow play, which enchants us and brings us to unknown and imaginative places.

Oriental lamps can be hung, hung on the wall or on the ceiling. There are classic lamps, which are connected to the power line and oriental lanterns, which are equipped with a tealight Or candle.

The similarity to the shearing cut also produces the same effect

Oriental lamps morocco

In a rustic setting, colorful patterns of glass are hidden

Oriental lamps warm hang

The oriental flair is complemented by elegant Sofakissen in bold colors and with a spicy aroma mixture, which can, for example, represent aromatic Chai varieties.

Typical for the Orient is the painting with henna

Oriental lamps warm blue with flowers

Gold with indigo blue ensures good color contrast

Oriental lamps lantern

You should think about the light factor when choosing the lamp

Oriental lamps round lantern

The oriental lamps are impressive

Oriental lamps master picture

You can make your oriental lantern from a colored glass

Oriental lamps warm blue

Look what can happen when you light the light

Oriental lamps henna painting

Through the floor lamps, each of your steps is lit, table and wall lights transform the tea drinking and reading an exciting reading into an unrepeatable event. The oriental pendulum lamp dominates the room and can greatly enhance your way of life.

Luminous and glittering, the lamps from the Orient are a true sight

Oriental lamps decorative thrown lamps orient

And with a little color you will be equal part of the stories 1001 night

Oriental lamps red purple

The lamps and lanterns from the Orient are thought through to the smallest detail

Oriental lamps close

Handicraft skill is required when making an oriental lamp

Oriental lamps iron rusty

Imagination – also

Oriental lamps hang light

The strong oriental touch changes the character of the whole room

Oriental lamps silver element

Tanned leather and henna ornaments – so you know Morocco

Oriental lamps decorative thrown lamp leather

The dyed leather of the lamp shimmers warm and soft light

Oriental lamps yellow

The lamps from the Orient are all uniquely beautiful

Oriental lamps lat eren metal

Bought at a market in Marrakech, the lamp will get an extra sentimental value

Oriental lamps warm colorful at night

Windmills may also be noble

Oriental lamps silver

And a warm mood of familiarity can be used well in summer

Oriental lamps are warm colors

A lantern with oriental character will take you to heavenly places

Oriental lamps windlight ornament

In the living room a style mixture is desired, as long as the balance exists

Oriental lamps living room