Original Floor Lamp By Nature Inspired – Bright Leaves

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original floor lamps seat tree leaves lights CopenhagenOriginal floor lamp by nature inspired

Some time ago, the courtyards of the University of Copenhagen in an interesting way were renewed.  Actually you had a rigorous renovation plan first of course, but… it has to immediately changed this, after trees has seen the leaf lamp, of which today the speech will be here.

Peter Schuhmacher is a man who has many talents. He studied architecture at the University of Adelaide and industrial design at the University of South Australia.

He loves the design and research of various substances, processes, and structures. His hand lights have something that draws all eyes on them.

Instead of a presentation on the different aspects of the project we will present you, what the promoters of the project, says Johan Berhin himself about his work.

About the origin of the idea

original floor lamps seat tree leaves false glass railing

Johan recalled that the first light was created this way by the Peter Schumacher in 2010. At that time he has won the prize of the Swedish company: Green Furniture Sweeden won. Different variations of the same have been created since then.

He had devised in different diameter and sizes and sometime it has created the tree also in real size.

Is there a specific reason why you opted for the Birch?

It is a wood, which is very common in Sweden

original floor lamps seat tree white

For this reason he inscribes itself in the environmentally friendly idea

original floor lamps bench tree leaves light white Cafe

What are the trees in 5 or 10 years?

You probably have somewhere a little resin, such as in the parks. Otherwise all the same will be probably thinks Johan.

How do leaves affect the dissemination of Saunds in space?

The trees are very large and are every man for himself. Last but not least, their leaves from wollen-were felt created, which helps to absorb sounds.

Clean up can be a problem… Not here! Air pressure to get things done

floor lamps seat tree leaves light University

Pleasant, warm atmosphere in the University

original floor lamps seat tree leaves light false uni

The trees vary whose leaves easily, they say

original floor lamps seat tree leaves cafe bar

Some people shy away from the pressure, because they want to keep the forms. The truth is that they simply return to their normal shape.

original floor lamps seat tree leaves lights white wool I personally find that creativity is written large at the University of Copenhagen

Have space in your home?

original floor lamps seat tree leaves Swedish

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