Original Innovative Lamps Presents Designs From Vertigo Bird

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original innovative lamps design peculiar Vertigo Bird

Original innovative lamps presents designs from Vertigo Bird

Milan 2011: The Slovenian lighting brand Vertigo Bird präsentirt new lamps from designers such as Mathias Hahn, Uli Budde and A + A Cooren as part of Tortona Design week in Milan.

Jinn lamps design in the form of a gas lamp

original innovative lamp designs weird white

Valve design, Jinn called, one is based on the form of oil or gas lamp, reflects the light on a plate that grows out of their cylindrical base during balloon design by Uli Budde.

The yellow Hippo lamp

original innovative lamp designs yellow

The Hippo lamp by A + A Cooren can be bent by changing the position of the screen on the magnetic base.

Designer floor lamp in white

original innovative lamps design floor lamp

Cabinet called bestiary, the exhibition presents the new collection in wooden cages with cut-out flora and fauna patterns, LUKS lab Studios developed Bevk Perovic Arhitekti and graphic design of Ljubljana.

Exotic environment – dummy

original innovative lamps weird designs Cabinet bestiary

The installation is at the fair at Opificio in via Tortona by 31 to April 17.

The following information is from Vertigo Bird and Bevk Perovic Arhitekti:

original innovative lamps designs weird info

Vertigo Bird, a young Slovenian lighting brand, is proud to be their new collection of lights during the Milan Furniture Fair, at the Opificio courtyard in via Tortona 31, under the project title Cabinet to present bestiary. Cabinet bestiary by Bevk Perovic Arhitekti was in collaboration with graphic designer project LUKS lab, both in Ljubljana, designed.

Exhibition of the collection

original innovative lamps design peculiar collection

The new Vertigo collection, including some items from previous seasons, is in 4 bird cage-like items ‘locked up’, the small space in via Tortona 31 Opificio courtyard taking over.

Designer table lamps – exhibition

original innovative lamps weird designs table lamps

Directly inspired by the dioramas of the natural museum, presents each wood-‘Bird cage’-Cabinet a number of lighting fixtures in a jungle-like setting, the natural environment of the Vertigo chimeras of the bird, designed especially for the occasion of the LUKS laboratory.

Two table lamps, which remind us of gas lamps

original innovative lamps designs weird exotic

New lights, presented during this year’s fair include also proposals by international group of designers – Mathias Hahn (Jinn table lamps), A + A Cooren (Hippo – a collection of floor, table, wall and pendant luminaires), Ulli Budde (balloon -, table and wall lamps) and Bevk Perovic Arhitekti (bikini ceiling lights), as well as new products from naked lights collection Vertigo, a collection of ‘anonimous’, developed by smoke detector. Some of the “oldies” from previous collections are also shown been supplementing the Cabinet bestiary setting.

Floor and table lamps

original innovative lamp design black white


Jinn is a floor and table lamp, based on the idea to create an back interpretation of a classic decorative lamp that includes a base and Lampshade. In contrast to the traditional construction of a central structure with shadow and light in the place, Jinn deconstructs this typology by removal of the tribe. The metal screen is supported with a piece of glass that is mounted on the top of the base. The light source itself is in the basis of arranged so that the light from the lamp reflects shadows and shines through the glass. The control for dimming is reminiscent of the oil or gas lamps and positioned the circuit on the base of the lamp. The wheel on the side, you can set the intensity of the light in a very intuitive way.

The balloon owes its form, the typical antique oil lamps and candle holder with a reflector behind the flame recalled the elements

original innovative lamp designs unique Cabinet metal


The balloon owes its form the elements of the typical antique oil lamps and candle holder with a reflector behind the flame remind, are positioned to reflect the light and direct it. Were also the natural event (we often think that the Moon is a light source, in addition to z.B the fire and the Sun, although this is just a widerspiegeltes light from the Sun), another stimulus, to work with the idea of the indirect light. A LED light source is located within the cylindrical base of the lamp. The light is lit upwards and enlightens the reflector, which carries forward, again directed by and reflects a diffuse light. It is available in table top and wall version.

Suitable for Office and desks

innovative lamp designs unique table lamp

By its simplicity and figurative character, leaves the lamp the small room of the associations and goes into the large room of the imagination – is it a balloon floating in the air, a small glowing Sun or an oversize light bulb?

original innovative lamps designs weird structure


Hippo is happy as a hippo head and playful like a magnet, never exactly in the same position as everything in nature. Hippo is attached a series of lamps on a magnetic spindle. The rounded glass volume with the reflective metal cup is stable due to the draught of the magnetism.

Industrial innovative floor lamps

industrial innovative lamps designs weird construction

Hippo is unique, friendly, poetic, and full of personality with infinite possibilities of facilities in the Interior. Easy to install and modify the user he has a sculptural and modern presence with his soft and cozy diffuse light.

It is available in ceiling -, suspension -, wall, table and floor lamps version

original innovative lamps designs weird design

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