Power Switching Move – What You Should Make?

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power switching move

During the move – out look for power switching

The boxes are packed, the date in the registration office has been agreed and the move is: many people also take the moving into a new apartment as a reason for a change of electricity provider. Because who is relocating, ends up automatically in the most expensive primary care. This can be avoided by one performs a power provider comparison and the electricity online changes even before the move.

34 per cent of households are still in the expensive primary care

According to the data of the Federal Network Agency, 13 percent of consumers already changed their electricity supplier in 2014. Still, but 34 percent of consumers in the basic services are supplied. This is one of the most expensive regional tariffs mostly and hardly any financial benefits for the household. Therefore, the Federal Network Agency and consumer advocates recommend the power switching than financially meaningful measure, which also put pressure on the free electricity market and this positively affects the overall price level.

Notice from the primary care out

Who is relocating and supplies at his old home in primary care, may terminate with a two-week period. In the resignation letter, you should indicate on the upcoming move and announce the date of the statement. This is the notice and quickly you should worry about a new electricity provider to the new location. Usually takes the current switching of three to six weeks. Should you have to chosen still no alternative electricity supplier when feeding, fall back again in the primary care. But it’s not too late: we decided later for a new electricitythis does usually the termination of the old contract.

Designer lamps in the form of light bulb

power switching when moving light bulb

Termination of alternate power contract

Alternative power was a contract, however, for the previous residence, so the termination is not guaranteed. This usually depends on the details of the contract. If the new location also belongs to the delivery area of the current provider, it is likely that the contract will remain. In making treaties but also the so-called “relocation” clause is included, the consumer allows to use when moving the special right of termination and to opt for a new electricity provider. In this case the consumer must make the dismissal itself, this may not be covered by the new electricity.

You need this information for the Exchange

Have you decided to switch power providers, some little information range online making a current comparison and to initiate the change in the way. These include:• Annual electricity consumption in kilowatt hours (from the last current payroll)• Electricity meter number• Meter reading• Move-in date

What to do if I want to keep my old contract?

About six weeks before the planned move of the supplier should be informed. Usually, the delivery of electricity to the new address is then seamlessly continued. A further supply is not possible only if new outside the delivery area of the old provider resides.

Power switching move

power switching moving tips

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