Stylish And Extravagant Floor Lamp Design By Arturo Alvarez

polycarbonate hanging lamp white extravagant floor lamp design

Unique and extravagant floor lamp design by Arturo Alvarez

Tina – Tina is maddeningly and unbound and bias-free. She catches the viewer’s gaze because of its sensuality and simple beauty. They can cut their “hair”, to fit your personal style. Polypropylene: white or black. Metal: white or black. Management: black or drab. H: 160.0 cm, W: 70.0 cm. light bulbs: E27 – MAX 1 x 23 w, E27 – MAX 1 × 105 w.

extravagant floor lamp designs – the unique Tina

extravagant floor lamp design Tina polypropylene attractive

Hanging lamps from the model – Tina by Arturo Alvarez

Tina design drop light/pendant hair white color extravagant floor lamp design

You can cut out the “hair” by Tina, the lamp to fit your personal style

hair idea customize style designer floor lamp Tina Arturo Alvarez

Floor lamps with indirect lighting – attractive designer ideas

extravagant floor lamp designs spline indirect light

Spline – a gesture. An articulated and rhythmic movement of a pencil on paper. A work of art, with its own personality, which is ready to play free on each scene. Spline is a metallic structure, which is covered with insert, but has a slight, soft texture. The project is developed by Arturo Alvarez . The lighting is reflected in an indirect and attractive way. Silicone: white, orange, black, yellow or gray. Available range of dimming switch. H: 190.0 cm, W: 45.0 cm, D: 55.0 cm. light bulbs: G5 – MAX 1 x 54 w, G5 – MAX 4 × 24 w.

A real work of art is this floor lamp spline – Designer project

extravagant designer floor lamps spline indirect lighting soft texture

Uniqueness and extravagance are the words with which one can describe floor lamp as a designer

extravagant floor lamp designs spline indirect lighting insert

Amazing shape and texture

extravagant floor lamp designs spline unusual form

The original structure of Sticklight

unusual shape floor lamp idea Sticklight indirectly

Sticklight- light color temperature: cold / warm white. Materials: Niedriche density polyethylene. Sticklight 196-cm-height x 30 cm diameter. Foot part 40-cm diameter. Top – 35 cm high x 20 cm diameter.

This original floor lamp fits perfectly to your garden or sunny terrace

outside environment nature at night indirect lighting floor lamps Sticklight Compact, modern and original design – STICKLIGHT

house apartment Sticklight polyethylene floor lamp of tip idearomantic striking idea indirect lighting extravagant floor lamp designs

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