The Room Lighting Tips: Searching For The Ideal Lighting

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Tips for room lighting

The feel-good factor of an apartment depends on not only furniture, but especially by the right lighting. Each light source is able to brighten the room, but does not mean, that you feel comfortable then also. What care should be taken before buying a new lamp?

The different types of light:

In the course of time, not only the lamp models have always changed, there were some bulbs “invented”, providing variety in the selection. By the appropriate workplace lighting up to the cozy light in the apartment: There are a variety of light sources:

Halogen lamps: mostly light, because clear and white light colour
Fluorescent tube: once functional light, now increasingly in homes
Energy-saving lamps: economical in consumption, but often little attractive appearance
LED lamps: little power consumption, long service life and very varied in the range

The traditional light bulbs have no raison d ‘ être for a few years now. Thanks to the 4th stage of the EU incandescent exit, all the light bulbs from 15 Watts had to say goodbye to up to 40 watts. They are known as energy wasters, because approximately 95% of the required energy converted to heat and only 5% in light.

tips for room lighting direct and indirect lighting

The colours of light

The different light sources can provide thanks to its various “light colors” for comfort and for a sufficient illumination. LED lights are available, for example in cold white or warm white light and create an individually selectable atmosphere. If a dimmer switch is used, the intensity can be adjusted about him in addition.

LED lighting seems to be the lighting of the future. She is so versatile that it is available not only in the form of light bulb, but also as a light bar. Thus it creates unlimited possibilities of lighting of the room creative people and are almost a guarantee of a comfortable lighting.

How do you find the ideal lighting?

In the workspace, the light should be so bright that you can see everything well. It should be also pleasing to the eye but bright light can strain the eyes. Also lamps should also look nice. In the apartment the lighting should not only for brightness ensure, but also a cozy atmosphere. This is a task sometimes difficult-to-solve, because often a lack of the necessary power sources to create a healthy mix of light sources.

Three different light sources, this could be the formula for comfort in the living room. This includes the lighting, the background lighting and accent lighting. The background lighting – indirect lighting is called as not recommend sole source of light in the living room. The low contrast illumination it can lead to rapid fatigue of the eyes, in combination with work light and accent light is however unbeatable. In rooms where not always staying (in the corridor), the background illumination, however, is very convenient.

The selective lighting – accent lighting – ensures highlights in the area. The facility is even more interesting, because we can move certain objects or areas in the foreground so. The lighting is important not only in the kitchen, she can donate the proper light as a reading lamp next to the couch. Floor lamps or spotlights are ideal to do this, they complement the background lighting and create a lighted living room alive.

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