Would Like To Fancy Lamps With Style And Tradition?

failed lamps Paul Henningsen artichoke

Paul Henningsen and his unusual lamps

Looking for fancy lamps, representing at the same time in a way classical music? This is possible thanks to artists and designers such as Paul Henningsen. He lived between 1894 and 1964. Its PH lamps are still known. They are used until today as role models for many fancy Designer.

Who is Paul Henningsen?

Paul Henningsen is a famous Danish writer and the female activist Agnes Henningsen except honest child. The idea behind the PH lamps is that the Modeler is exceptionally gently. You have many different variations. The most famous among them call themselves “Artichoke” and “PH 5”.

The copper artichoke pendant lamp

failed lamps Paul Henningsen artichoke model classic

PH5 – the classic

failed lamps Paul Henningsen Ph5 model

Some crazy facts about Henningsen

One of his most famous works – the triple filtered light, arose because of his mother. She would have always complained that it looked not good at the usual electric light.

The artist had to flee to his open criticism of the Nazis, from Sweden with a sailing boat.

The works of Paul Henningsen and the electric light bulb

failed lamps Paul Henningsen models inventions

At the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century, the light bulb was a relatively new discovery. People were still struggling to get accustomed to the harsh rays. Previously known above all the gas lamps.

Appear soft the light to be a great challenge. Paul Henningsen’s work was dedicated to this purpose. This can be explained the unusual shapes.

Artichoke (artichoke) 1950

We turn special attention to one of the most famous works by Paul Henningsen. This is the plant with the name artichoke (artichoke).

This lamp was popular due to its ability to break the light and to distribute it evenly in the room

failed lamps Paul Henningsen hanging lights

“The artichoke” writes perfectly in the modern interior design

failed lamps Paul Henningsen artichoke model

Antique lamps with very high value

The original PH lamps are very rare and extremely expensive. However, many successful imitations, there are. You can find still of lovers of fancy lamps by Paul Henningsen at good prices.

The elegant “Louvre” model

failed lamps Paul Henningsen model Louvre

The noble “snow ball” pendulum lamp looks particularly sophisticated

failed lamps Paul Henningsen lamp snow ball

Your perfect profile fits almost every furnishing style

failed lamps Paul Henningsen snowball

The “Tallerken” hanging lamp and Arne Jacobsen’s kitchen furniture set

failed lamps Paul Henningsen pendant Tallerken Arne Jacobsen kitchen furniture

The PH5 models are available in beautiful pastel shades

failed lamps Paul Henningsen Ph5 models colors

The PH of contrast is something solid and strict model

failed lamps Paul Henningsen pH contrast pendant lamp

The magnificent Septima 5 comes to end

failed lamps Paul Henningsen Septima5