50 Front Garden Ideas That Expand Your Living Space

Both – the garden setting and the garden design are currently seen as an extension of the living space for the summer. In some cases, roofing is used to keep the natural taste even longer. Our front garden ideas are subordinated to the principle of extended living space and at the same time have an extremely modern appearance. Let yourself be inspired by your individual, contemporary projects!

Make the best use of the architecture

The room is covered by the architecture of the building

Simple furniture, meaningful accessories

Many modern front garden ideas rely on simple furniture. They are often executed in neutral shades, from natural materials and a vintage style. The simple and modern exterior furniture has a warm and comfortable appearance. The outdoor ambience is inspired by accessories such as decorative cushions and carpets.

These should correspond best to elements in the interior setting.

As an accessory you can also look at the lighting. Candles or artistic lamps can be positioned on side tables, in dark corners and at other strategic points.

A piece of furniture with a strikingly colored design could fulfill the same function: this would fulfill both a functional and a decorative role within the front garden designs.

Comfortable outdoor areas embellish many city terraces


Homely furnishings

The homely trend outside is so clear that some furniture for this area hardly differ from the interior design. Only materials are chosen which are more resistant to weather. Especially popular are the minimalist and rural furniture collections. They shine in natural and neutral nuances such as white, black and brown.

This outdoor area has been divided into several zones

Outside under the green

Zoning of larger areas

If the front garden is more spacious, it is often divided into different areas. One has a zone for recreation, for food preparation, for common meals and for entertaining with friends. Small but functional kitchens are becoming increasingly popular for the front garden.

This outdoor area is partially covered, in some cases you can enjoy the open air

exotic and classic-and-Mediterranean

Change between zones with and without canopy

We would all like to enjoy the view of the sky in summer. At the same time, however, we want a shelter in light rain, so we can still stay out there. A larger area could consist of different zones which are partly free, partly covered. This is a very smart and effective strategy for expanding the living space outside.

Such an outdoor dining room could serve you for several seasons

Basket furniture seat cushion

Refresh by the trends of the year

Each season brings certain trends. This year, colors or fancy, exotic accessories are fashionable. The artistic lighting and clever zoning through fences, which at the same time protect the privacy, are also very important. Use the small but distinctive and easily implementable trends in a targeted way to make the exterior more comfortable and comfortable. This will make you feel more comfortable.

Eighties meets wood
Outdoor area with swimming pool

Outdoor furniture in the exotic luxushaus
Exterior space of the living space
Room exotic yes
Outdoor wood and white textiles
Natural stone
But very exotic

Under the roof
Comfortable pillows and chairs
Comfortable seating furniture outside
Bed with pillows

Decorated in bright colors are super modern
This living space is almost like nature itself

Wood and comfortable textiles
Wood and metal flair
Wicker furniture very comfortable

Wicker furniture and exotic
Wicker furniture and wood
Kitchen and entertainment outside
furniture device
Furniture with sitting and a table
Furniture in front of a rustic fence
Open but covered
Outdoor room country
Simple furniture of the modern for the outside
Simplicity so that nature comes to the conclusion
Very modern room
Very modern seating
Sitting area with fire
Sitting outside
Sitting in front of the fire
Seat furniture wood
Seat furniture gravel iron
Seating great under the screen
Table with chairs
Great wicker furniture in the forest
Great furniture
Great furniture on the sea coast
Great furniture with wood and pillows
Comfortable furniture basket and cushions