Fire Pit In The Garden Or How Can You Realize A Dream?

The weather is getting better, warmer and sunnier. The temperatures rise and with it our mood. Thanks to this you can build a fireplace in the garden and spend endless hours in the evening pleasant. But let’s go step by step to the dream in the outdoor area. Stay tuned! Soon it gets hot during the day and pleasantly cool in the evening. Then everyone has the desire to spend as long as possible outside in the fresh air. Would you like to enjoy balmy evenings with friends and family around the garden fire and spend unforgettable moments together? If so, then it is high time that you choose a fireplace in the garden! Does that seem to be too complicated for you? We want to convince you exactly the opposite. Do you want to make your garden stylish and make it more inviting and comfortable? Then read on, we have interesting ideas and many practical tips for you.

Design your garden so that you feel comfortable and homely there.

Outdoor furniture many places Relax zone

The fireplace in the garden brings a special experience for the whole family and also for your friends and relatives. Often it turns into a place full of rest and relaxation, where everyone likes to stay. But in order for this dream to be realized, one must pay attention to the construction of a fireplace outside. Here we have listed the most important steps that lead to the realization of your dream.

Follow these and soon you can have a great party around your fireplace in the garden and relive the forgotten feeling of coziness and warmth.

In a few simple steps you can build a relax zone outside

Relax zone outdoors simple steps build fire pit in the garden

  • Carefully choose the location for the fireplace

Preparing to build a fireplace in your own garden is an important and unavoidable part of the whole DIY project. First, you need to be aware of the safety measures in your town or community that are exactly the regulations for free outdoor fireplaces in the garden. It is also advisable to pay attention to the small details in these written documents, so that you will not get any problems and complications later. In principle, the experts advise that you find a free and flat location for the hearth, where there are no trees, hedges or shrubs in the immediate vicinity. This place would be best at least 50 meters from the house and other objects that pose a fire hazard. You should also plan enough free space around the fireplace, because there you can place different seats after construction. These are of course a must, because without them you can not feel the unique feeling of campfire in your own garden.

Before you start building the fireplace, find out in detail about the appropriate fire-fighting measures in your community

Risk of fire Construction of a fireplace in the garden Create a relax zone

  • Determine the style and design of the fireplace in the garden

After you have already determined the location for the fire pit in the garden, you can move on to the next step, which is to consider their style and design. These two aspects are very individual and must be consistent with your overall Landscaping be. The fireplace has to fit seamlessly into the garden and not stand there like something extra or even unusable. When it comes to the style and design of the fireplace, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Here you have to choose from the rustic to classic to the very modern design. The shape can be very different. A fireplace could be designed oval, but also square or rectangular. The very modern fireplaces sometimes have a futuristic design and are real outdoor highlights.

An appealing but fireproof design is desirable in this case

Fire pit in the garden

Many garden owners still ask the logical question, from which a beautiful and safe fireplace must be built. The materials used also depend on the style and design of the fireplace. But in the first place come stones, pebbles and cements, that means fireproof materials, which makes it easy to work. But there are other ways, for example, to use old metal containers for the purpose. You will see such ideas in our picture gallery.

If you plan properly, you can also have this outdoor design

Correctly, fireplaces plan many seats around tall green plants

  • Build the fireplace itself – how does it work?

And now we have come to the last and decisive step of the DIY project. If you have prepared everything you need, depending on your mood and your free time you have to start with the actual construction. The professionals distinguish different stages of construction and varying degrees of difficulty in building a fireplace in the garden. We propose you the simplest variant, which also garden owners without technical skills or craftsmanship could realize this construction. The following video shows how easy it is!

As you can see, you can build a fire pit in your own garden in a few steps. For this you need not only the necessary building materials and suitable tools but also your imagination. Put these into play and realize your dream. Build the place outside, where you sit with family and friends for a long time and breathe in the fresh, balmy air in the evening. This is relaxing and very romantic. Do not forget to make the space around the hearth so that you feel comfortable and homely there.

The Freshideen-Redaktion wishes you a good success in the construction of your fireplace in the garden and many pleasant hours there!

Even with simple means you can do something unique yourself

Build a fire pit outside yourself

Fire pit outside yourself build simple means beautiful design

Outdoor fireplace itself build ideas

Fire pit outside yourself build simple means beautiful design

Fire pit outside yourself build simple means beautiful design

Around this fireplace around you can forget the stress of everyday life

Modern Fireplace Garden Outdoor

For fans of the retro style…

Fire pit in the garden. Ideas

If you use his ingenuity well…..

Fire pit metal interesting design beautiful garden oasis

Fire pit metal interesting design beautiful garden oasis

Fire pit metal interesting design

Water and fire in the garden together form the perfect retreat

Fire pit waterfall garden perfect retreat

… and green garden flowers in addition

Fire pit water green plant perfect design outdoors

Fire pit water green plant perfect design outdoors

Fire pit water green plant

Fire pit water green plant perfect design outdoors

Fire pit water

Does your garden dream look like this?

Garden Dream Pool Fire pit Sun loungers in the garden

Or do you dream of such a garden design?

Garden dream pool

Fire pit many seating First class garden design a lot of style highest taste

Fireplace garden modern ideas

If you want to choose a fancy but totally fireproof design for your fireplace….

Fire pit design small retreat green plants

Built-in fire pits are in vogue

Modern outdoor design

We wish you countless hours outside the fireplace in the garden!

Fire pit outside at the lake many seats wood pleasant hours