Garden Pools – A True Water Pleasure All Summer Long

Posted on May 21, 2018

Summer comes with lots of sun and higher temperatures outside. Now most people plan their summer vacation and many want it flying in the tropics , You too? But we have a better idea ready for you. Do you want to experience a unique holiday feeling in your own garden all summer long? Yes, that would be quite possible if you have a garden pool or want to get a swimming pool in the backyard. Garden pools bring numerous plus points for you and your whole family, in the first place a true water pleasure! Imagine, after every stressful day at work, you could jump into the lukewarm water of your pool, swim some laps in it and really relax there. So that no summer dream remains, we have today prepared a great picture gallery with charming garden pools. This should be a source of inspiration for you to treat yourself to more luxury, which you undoubtedly deserve.

Do something more for your well-being, for example, you can create a garden pool!

garden pool

Surely you immediately think,”That looks beautiful, but it’s not for me! I can not afford it!”Here we would just pause and add: Why not, you must never stop dreaming. Life is full of surprises, so it’s always good to be well informed. For this reason, we have prepared practical tips for you.

These mainly concern the planning, construction and maintenance of a pool in the backyard. So let’s summarize the most important thing about garden pools.

Enjoy pure relaxation at the garden pool.

Swimming pool in the garden

  • Plan and determine the location, shape and size of a garden pool

We do not exclude the possibility that you have your own Build pool in the garden itself can. On the Internet you can find detailed information with detailed instructions on how to do that. You can also buy a prefabricated pool. Both options mainly depend on your will and the available budget. In advance, you must determine the location, shape and size of your garden pool, depending on the available space in your backyard. Our advice is: choose a ground-level area in your garden. If he is facing south, then you have a lot of sun there all day long. That said, the pool water stays warm for a long time, so you can swim in the evening.

Some people can even afford an infinity pool.

Infinity Pool Relax on the water

The location of the garden pool really needs to be strategically chosen. Not very close to the bridle and not right in the middle of the garden would be optimal. In addition, it is not desirable that in the immediate vicinity of tall trees. In wind and rain, the leaves fall directly into the water, and it must then be fished. It is best to plan a pool cover as well.

The rectangular shape of the outdoor pool is the most popular.

Garden pools in the backyard

The shape and depth of the garden pool can also be set individually. Round or square you decide yourself, depending on the available area. Most garden owners prefer a depth of 1.50 to 1.60 m. Many also want a smaller paddling pool especially for the kids. Then the recommended depth is 0.40 to 0.50 m. In such a garden pool for children swimming is absolutely safe for the little ones, and their bathing fun – really big!

Children always enjoy a few hours of swimming.

swimming pool for the garden

The proper care of the garden pool is the alpha and omega of your hygiene

It is beneficial in all respects to use tap water to fill the garden pool. It is also advisable to check regularly the water quality and the pH in the pool. Too low a pH will easily corrode the fittings. On the contrary, too high a pH of the pool water can cause skin and eye irritation. Therefore, be forewarned and take all necessary measures regarding the maintenance and care of the garden pool. If the pool staircase becomes slippery, it must be cleaned with a hand brush. Leaves and other floating contaminants must be removed regularly, as they could damage the technical equipment and cause serious problems. At the end of the bathing season you have to prepare the pool for the winter and protect it from frost damage. If you can not do it alone or do not have time to do so, then hire a specialist.

Here, cleanliness and hygiene are very important.

Ideas for garden pool

The children have a lot of bathing fun!

garden pool ideas

  • Pools in the garden offer plenty of bathing fun for young and old

Last but not least, we also want to address the social aspect that is closely linked to the garden pool. Everyone is convinced that pools in the backyard are often focal points of family life in the summer. Young and old like spending time swimming and playing in the water. On the one hand the bathing fun is enormously big for everyone, on the other hand one is together with his dearest humans. This brings with it unforgettable moments that people like to remember later. Especially for the little ones that is of great advantage, let alone their active sports activity.

Every sport activity does the little one well.

Garden pools luxury real estate sports activity for children

You can also invite your friends and relatives to a great weekend where everyone spends time together at and in the pool. And in the evening you can sit by the garden pool, chat and drink a bottle of wine together. This strengthens the interpersonal contacts and is certainly appreciated by all. A lot of water enjoyment and a cozy get-together is guaranteed.

Admire our picture gallery now and maybe you decide this summer for a pool in the garden. We wish you that!

Pool in the garden – this is called a realized dream!

Pool in the garden
Garden pool a realized dream Relax in the open air
Swimming pool garden pool

The location, size and depth of your garden pool can be determined by yourself.

Determine garden pools yourself
garden pool ideas
Modern garden pool
Pool garden

Here you have skillfully combined the pool with a garden pond.

Outdoor swimming pool garden pond positioned next to each other

Spend pleasant hours at the garden pool and enjoy pure water!

Pleasant hours at the garden pool have pure water enjoyment

Idea Pool For Garden
Swimming pool garden

At the water you can spend endless hours.

Garden Pool Garden shapes
Swimming pool garden ideas
Best Ideas To Garden Pools
Garden Pool modern ideas
garden ideas pool
Experience pure nature around the pool

When it gets cooler in the evening, it helps Wood stove outdoors.

Pools in the garden in the evening stove cozy family life

But it always looks romantic.

Pools in the garden in the evening look very romantic

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